Assets for the Lake St. John (LSJ) Waterworks District exceeded liabilities by $668,249 and $640,772 in 2019 and 2018, respectively, according to audit released Monday by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor.

Silas Simmons LLP of Natchez compiled the report.

“Revenues exceeded expenditures by $27,477 in 2019, and expenditures exceeded revenues by $9,287 in 2018,” according to the audit.

“The District had total plant and equipment of $298,886 and $270,679 in 2019 and 2018, respectively.

“The District had payroll of $100,640 and $103,258 in 2019 and 2018, respectively.”

The LSJ district provides water to approximately 646 customers and is a component of the Concordia Parish Police Jury.

It reported investment in capital assets as of December 31, 2019, of $298,886 (net of accumulated depreciation). “This investment in capital assets includes land; distribution system, wells, and storage tanks; water meters; and furniture, fixtures, and equipment. There were additions of $50,614 to capital assets in 2019.”

According to the statement of revenues, expenses and changes in net position, the district in 2019 recorded operation revenues of $268,715, including $249,940, water sales; $993, installation and service charges; $2,982, penalties; and $14,800, other income.

Expenses totaled $245,810 and included $100,640, salaries; $22,407, depreciation; $8,950, accounting; $15,498, auto expense; $5,965, chemicals; $2,261, computer; $15,274, cost of services; $27,014, insurance; $13,912, miscellaneous; $2,395, office supplies; $1,900, per diem; $4,909, postage and supplies; $3,942, repairs and maintenance; $7,889, taxes; and $12,854, utilities.

Income outpaced expenses by $22,905.

The net position at the end of 2019 was $668,249, up from the previous year total of $640,772.

According to the report, “Lake St. John Waterworks District (the District) was created by ordinance of the Concordia Parish Police Jury in 1967. The purpose of the District is to process and distribute water in the Lake St. John area.

“The District is governed by five commissioners appointed by the Concordia Parish Police Jury. The commissioners serve five-year terms which expire on a rotating basis … The District has one fulltime and three part-time employees.”

Commissioners paid $400 each during 2019 were William Coleman (president), Tim Sessions (vice-president), Cameron Harris and Mickie Smith while Francis Freeman (secretary) received $300.

There was only one finding -- Segregation of Duties (Internal Control Finding): “Because of the small size of the District and the small number of employees, many of the important elements of good internal control cannot always be achieved to ensureadequate protection of the District's assets … We recommend that the Board continue to provide the necessary oversight in its internal control procedures, specifically in the areas of cash receipts, collection receipt activities, recordation of those receipts, depositing of funds collected, and review of checks written.

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