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A Ridgecrest man was charged Tuesday with attempted second-degree murder.

Shamor Cole, 21, of Ridgecrest, was booked in the shooting of Travionx Domino at a trailer park in Vidalia. Domino remains in critical condition after being airlifted to Jackson, Concordia Parish Sheriff David Hedrick said.

Reports surfaced Tuesday morning that there was an active shooter in Vidalia. Police shut down the main highway for part of the morning before the situation was resolved later in the day when a Cole was arrested in a field behind Country Estates Trailer Park in Vidalia.

Hedrick said deputies were dispatched to the area of the trailer park at 8:38 a.m. Tuesday and arrived within seconds of the call and gave medical assistance to the victim while deputies led by Captain Phillip Smith set up a parameter around the area with help from the Vidalia Police Department.

“After that parameter was set up, officers and detectives did a thorough search,” Hedrick said. “Chris Goad directed the officers and deputies on scene and Billy Ray Farmer, while searching a residence, noticed the perpetrator fleeing and alerted everyone. Deputies and officers were able to apprehend the perpetrator in a field behind the trailer park without incident and the weapon he used was recovered.”

Hedrick said deputies, dispatchers and officers with the Vidalia Police Department worked together to apprehend the shooter.

“It takes teamwork and today was a great example of that,” he said. “Working hand in hand, the Vidalia Police Department, dispatch and our patrol deputies were able to get there and affect an arrest.”

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