The Concordia Parish School Board will discuss its mask guidelines for the upcoming school year during a special meeting to be announced soon as the Delta Variant of the Covid-19 virus continues to spread at a fast rate primarily among unvaccinated persons.

Superintendent Toyua Watson will be presenting the board the results of a parental survey conducted throughout the parish to gauge opinions and preferences on masks.

Meanwhile, Trinity Hospital reports no COVID-19 patients, CEO Lakeisha Smith said on Tuesday.

While vaccine shots are available at the Concordia Parish Health Unit, local pharmacies and other locations, Ochsner LSU Health announced this week that it will host a COVID-19 vaccination event this month in Ferriday.

The Pfizer vaccine is available at both events. All Louisiana residents over the age of 12 are eligible to receive the vaccination.

On Saturday, July 31, the team will be at Ferriday High School, located at 801 EE Wallace Boulevard. The vaccinations are available from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The required second dose will be available on August 23 at the high school.

The Pfizer vaccine is available to anyone 12 years of age or older in Louisiana. You can schedule an appointment at either of these locations, through MyChart at or by calling (318) 330-7599. Walk-ins are welcome at both locations. 

According to the governor’s office, everyone aged 12 and older is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in Louisiana. The FDA has only authorized one of the three COVID-19 vaccines – from Pfizer – for children ages 12 to 17. Parents should confirm with the vaccine provider that their child is under 18 to ensure Pfizer vaccine is available before making an appointment.

  • COVID-19 vaccines are widely available at 1,437 locations in all of Louisiana’s 64 parishes, including at pharmacies, hospitals, health care clinics and doctor’s offices.
  • For a list of locations, visit LDH’s vaccine directory or visit, which is maintained by the federal government.
  • To get a list of vaccine locations near you text your ZIP code to GETVAX (438829) in English, or VACUNA (822862) in Spanish.
  • If you have questions, would like to speak with a medical professional, or need help scheduling an appointment, call Louisiana’s vaccine hotline at 1-855-453-0774. 
  • Concordia Office of Homeland Security Director Tim Vanier said last week the Delta Variant strain of virus is rapidly spreading. He said it was “bad stuff” and is now the dominant strain in the U.S., citing data from Center of Disease Control.
  • Vanier offered the following information on the Delta variant:
  • -- Two to three weeks ago, the Delta variant represented only 20 percent of U.S. cases but now represents an estimated 55 percent of the cases.
  • -- Those who have been vaccinated can be infected by the Delta strain, “but the vaccination makes the amount of virus in the body so low it greatly minimizes the risk of the infection and the risk of transmitting the infection because the amount of the virus is so low in the body.”
  • -- Majority of the Delta spikes in the U.S. are in locations where vaccination rates are low.
  • -- Concordia Parish residents with at least one dose total 5,460 persons (27.27%).
  • -- Concordia residents fully vaccinated total 4,930 (24.62%)
  • There are approximately 20,000 residents in Concordia.
  • He said it is unknown just how many Delta strain cases there are in Concordia Parish “due to lack of data and lack of testing for the specific variant.”
  • He said testing in the parish is most commonly rapid testing which only tests for Covid-19 positivity, not a particular variant of the virus.

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