More than 1,334 early votes have been counted for the primary election on Saturday which features presidential and party elections as well as a host of municipal races in Concordia Parish.

Registrar of Voters Golda Ensminger said 1,001 in-person votes were counted with 333 absentee ballots cast. She said 580 absentee ballots were requested and mailed out.

Sixty-seven in-person votes were counted on the final day of early voting, Saturday, July 4.

The election was originally scheduled for April but rescheduled twice due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Incumbent mayors in Ferriday and Vidalia will face the former mayors of those towns on Saturday.

In Clayton, incumbent Mayor Josephine Washington faces Alderman “Lil” Wilbert Washington.

In Vidalia, three candidates, including Franklin Duson Jr., Chris Stricklin and Arthur Lewis, are opposing incumbent Police Chief Joey Merrill. Lewis, who presently serves as police chief of Ferriday, was the incumbent Vidalia police chief four years ago when defeated by Merrill.

Vidalia Mayor Buz Craft, who defeated incumbent mayor Hyram Copeland four years ago, is being challenged in this election by Copeland.

In Ferriday, incumbent Mayor Sherrie Jacobs McMahon faces Alderman Glenn Henderson, former Clayton Mayor Rydell Turner and Gene Allen, the incumbent mayor four years ago when defeated by McMahon.

Ferriday will have at least two new aldermen with Henderson of District A running for mayor and Chryl Smith Lee of District B not seeking re-election.

In Vidalia incumbent Tron McCoy did not seek re-election in District 1. The other four incumbents are running again.

Local candidates on the ballot include:



“Lil” Wilbert Washington (D).

Josephine Washington (D) (incumbent).



Gene Allen (D).

Glenn Henderson (D).

Sherrie Jacobs McMahan (D) (incumbent).

Rydell Turner (D).

Alderman District A

Brandi Bacon (D).

Wayne Roberts (R).

Shana “Pouncey” Skipper (D).

Alderman District B

Elijah “Stepper” Banks (D).

Margaret J. Glasper (D).

Devonte “Tay” Schiele (NP).

Ahren Williams (D).

Alderman District C

Sharon Denise “Shanice” Goodman (D).

Sandra “Gail” Pryor (D) (incumbent).

Emma “Pupu” Skipper (D)

Alderman District D

Andre Keys (D) (incumbent).

Patricia “Martin” Williams (D).

Johnnie “Rip” Woodruff (D).

Alderman District E

Essie Green (D).

Gloria Lloyd (D) (incumbent).

David Turner (I).



Hyram Copeland (I).

Buz Craft (R) (incumbent).

Police Chief

Frank Duson Jr. (I).

Arthur K. Lewis (D), Vidalia.

Joey Merrill (I) (incumbent).

Chris Stricklin (NP).

Alderman District 1

Rosa Irving Demby (D).

Joseph “BoBo” McCoy (D).

Alderman District 2

Robert Gardner Jr. (D) (incumbent).

Raymond Murray (R).

Jamie Walsworth (R).

District 3 (3 to be elected)

Jon Betts (R) (incumbent).

Sabrina Doré (R), (incumbent).

Chris King (R).

Tommy Probst (R) (incumbent).

Brent Smith (R).

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