The Concordia Parish Police Jury adopted a $6.1 million general and special revenue fund budget for 2021 during its first meeting of the new year.

The Jury also approved an ordinance revising building codes.

Additionally, Jury President Joe Parker and Vice-President Adam Probst were re-elected to their posts for 2021. No other nominations were made.

Although public hearings were held for both the new budget and the ordinance on building code, there were no comments from the public at the hearing nor during the previous review time after the proposed budget was announced in December, according to Jury Secretary-Treasurer Sandi Burley.

In other business, the Jury rejected a letter of request concerning an appointment to the Concordia Fire District 2 Board and asked the board to review all applications at its next meeting. Some of the applications had been received by the Jury.

This action was taken following a motion by Gary Neal and a second by Maurice Bachus.

The new appointee will replace Judy Pugh, who resigned from the board.

Parish boards recommend members to the Jury which is charged with making the appointments.

The fire district board recommended Tim Houghton to fill the vacancy.

Also filing applications for the board post were Tim Vanier, Margie McClure and Devonte Marques Schiele.

Concerning the 2021 budget, the revenue projection for the general fund is $1,565,015 while the projection for the special revenue fund is $4,531,520.

Revenues for the general fund include $300,000, ad valorem general property tax; $397,055, ad valorem public buildings tax; $5,550, beer and franchise taxes; $250,000, licenses and permits; $2,200, federal revenue sharing; $21,750, state revenue sharing-other; $300,000, severance taxes; $56,8975, GOHSEP annual allocation; $750, Act 14; $15,000, road royalty funds; $30,000 interest income; and $185,835, other revenues.

In special revenue, anticipated income includes $233,000, ad valorem public health tax; $926,400, ad valorem drainage tax; $2,450,000, sales tax revenue; $145,750, court revenue/fines and forfeitures; $2,400, federal revenue sharing; $113,000, federal funds and HUD housing funds; $230,000, parish transportation fund; $38,350, state revenue sharing-other; $337,085, grant projects; $50,285, interest income; and $5,250, other revenues.

Expenditures for the two funds – general and special revenue – will be an estimated $5,608,985, including $1,817,928 in the general fund and $3,791,057 in the special revenue fund.

Expenses in the general fund include $219,250, legislative (police jury); $494,450, judicial (district court and district attorney); $38,850, registrar of voters-elections; $261,500, financial administration; $430,460, courthouse and public buildings; $57,925, emergency preparedness; $118,000, public safety; $47,732, health-welfare-housing; $33,760, economic development-other programs; $36,000, annual airport allocation; and $80,001, other disbursements.

In the special revenue fund, expenses will include $158,896, judicial (district court and district attorney); $1,442,415, public works-roads-highways; $235,591, health-welfare-housing; $600,600, road tax debt service and reserve; $767,725, solid waste program; $403,380, grant projects; $82,450, sales tax receipts; and $100,000, town payments (Ridgecrest and Clayton).

In the general fund, a deficit is projected at $252,913 before transfers of $253,584, resulting in a surplus of $671. The general fund will end the fiscal year with an anticipated balance of $795,547.

The special revenue fund will have a $487,550 surplus and an ending 2021 fund balance of $7,193,032

The ending balance for both the general fund and special revenue fund combined will total $8,167,460.

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