Concordia Parish businesses are doing their best to cope with the coronavirus.

Social distancing has become the catchphrase all over the parish.

Dr. Justin Gregg of Gregg Veterinary Hospital in Vidalia said his lobby is temporarily closed to the public.

"We have our customers call in and set up an appointment," Gregg said. "When they get here they call and our receptionist sends a team member out and gets the companion (pet). Then we call the customer back and give them a report. I've had customers tell me it's been very convenient because they don't have to get out of their vehicle."

Yolanda Carter of Big John's said customers must stay six feet apart and they have shields to protect employees.

The restaurant is only doing take-outs.

"If a customer wants us to bring their order out to the parking lot, we will do that," she said.

Carter said business has been steady.

"It really hasn't affected us that much," she said.

Kate Eames of The Cafe in Vidalia, said customers are only allowed inside to pay.

"And they can also do that outside," she said. "But everything is take-out and curbside."

The Cafe does have two tables outside that can be used which are sanitized often.

"Our business comes in spurts right now," Eames said.

Mom's Cafe in Vidalia opened on the first day of the quarantine.

"We were unsure about what to do at first," said Nora Lopez of Mom's Cafe. "But now things are getting better and people are following instructions."

Lopez said people can order from home or from their car and they can pay inside or over the phone and their meal will be brought to them.

"Things are improving a bit," Lopez said.

Chris Vaughan of Vaughan's City Drugs in Ferriday said his business is also using curb service.

"We more or less keep people out of the stores," Vaughan said. "We bring their purchases out to them. It's been a little tougher on our staff. Fortunately with cell phones it allows us to communicate with our customers. We're ready for this to be over. Hopefully we will be able to allow more access in the near future."

Concordia Parish Chief Deputy David Hedrick said crime and complaints are down in the parish.

"There is still criminal activity going on," he said. "And we are addressing that activity. Our officers are also being very careful and safe in their duties."

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