Concordia Parish School Superintendent Whest Shirley said that due to the increasing Covid-19 cases in the parish and in schools that the last day for students this semester was Tuesday, Dec. 15, with classes scheduled to resume on Monday, Jan. 4.

The number of Covid-19 quarantines in schools at the end of last week totaled 151 students and 19 staff. The number testing positive was nine staff and 20 students.

But as of Tuesday, Shirley said 29 students and seven staff had tested positive while 35 staff and 285 students were quarantined.

Shirley said the numbers rose in Vidalia after four students from one family attending elementary school in Vidalia were exposed to the COVID-19 virus outside the school system. Vidalia Lower had five staff and 142 students quarantined. Five students tested positive.

Students from Pre-K through second grade are not required to wear masks based on regulations handed down by national and state health organizations, Shirley said. Students in third grade up to 12th are required to wear masks.

At last week’s School Board meeting, board member Raymond Riley said he attended a ballgame recently at Monterey High where many attendees were not wearing masks.

Shirley said those attending the games throughout the parish must have on a mask to get into the gate.

Covid-19 numbers in the parish school system as of Tuesday follow.

Ferriday Schools

Ferriday Lower: Seven students quarantined.

Ferriday Upper: Three students tested positive; 17 students, one staff quarantined.

Ferriday Junior High: Two staff, one student tested positive; three staff, two students quarantined.

Ferriday High: One student tested positive; four staff, 13 students quarantined.

Ferriday Total: Two staff, five students tested positive; eight staff, 39 students quarantined.

Vidalia Schools

Vidalia Lower: Five students tested positive; 15 staff, 142 students quarantined.

Vidalia Upper: One staff, four students tested positive; three staff, 14 students quarantined.

Vidalia Junior High: Three staff, two students tested positive; two staff, 11 students quarantined.

Vidalia High: Eight students tested positive; two staff, 28 students quarantined.

Vidalia Total: Four staff, 19 students tested positive; 22 staff, 195 students quarantined.

Monterey High: One staff, one student tested positive; seven students quarantined.

Concordia Parish Academy: Four students tested positive; five staff, 44 students quarantined.

Concordia Education Center: No positive cases nor quarantines.

In other business at the board meeting last week, the board heard a report from Brenda Moore, Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance, that the Discipline Policy Review Committee composed of 16 members, has held two meetings. Committee members represent all segments of the school system as well as support staff. Moore said the committee is focusing on policy involving virtual learning and on establishing consistency. The final report will be released before the end of this semester, she said.

Shirley said the state requires each school system to have a discipline policy committee to meet annually to discuss virtual classrooms. Shirley said the new policy will be in the student handbooks by the spring semester.

In other action, HLH (Hunt Land Holding) LLC was awarded the contract for WAN (Wide Area Web) and Internet services with the low bid of $16,247. The contract begins July 1, 2021. 

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