The Concordia Parish Police Jury during its regular meeting Monday night continued work to transition its garbage pickup service from Waste Pro to the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The Jury terminatedits contract with Waste Pro on July 21 and entered into a mutual aid agreement with the CPSO to provide the service.

At Monday’s meeting, the Jury voted to request quotes for 20-yard and 30-yard open containers for dump sites at Frogmore and Monterey.

Burley said compactors – a mechanical machine that compresses garbage allowing more to be accumulated -- were more difficult to find and more expensiveWaste Pro presently has a 30-yard dumpster at one site and a compactor at the other.

At the request of Jury President Joe Parker, the Jury voted to authorize Secretary-Treasurer Sandi Burley to seek legal assistance from District Attorney’s office concerning Waste Pro’s failure thus far to remove its equipment from the two sites. Parker suggested that the Jury may consider fining Waste Pro daily until its dumpsters are removed.

Additionally, jurors requested that the public place trash cans at least five feet from the road and that the cans be removed after the garbage is picked up.

The Jury is presently working on an agreement with a landfill to dump the trash collected in the parish.

Jurors have asked for the public’s patience during this transitioning period.

CPSO requested that the public only dispose of household trash and also asked: “Please be patient as we are attempting to retrieve large amounts of household waste left behind by the previous waste contractor due to circumstances beyond our control.”

As the parish transitions its waste collection service, all residents are asked to only dispose of household trash. Items too large to fit inside a trashcan will not be picked up for the time being.

All garbage must be bagged and contained. Loose garbage will not be picked up.

Concerning limb pickup, Burley said only limbs that fell as a result of the winter storm are eligible for removal by the parish at this time.  Any recent vegetation pruned or cut as part of regular yard maintenance is not eligible and will be deemed as such by FEMA.

She said the parish must first work on winter storm debris before any recent additional debris and vegetation is picked up due to FEMA performance deadlines.

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