The Concordia Parish Police Jury voted Monday to ask the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) to lower a rock weir on Cocodrie Bayou that USFWS reportedly raised without permission a few years ago.

Jurors are giving USFS 14 days to remedy the situation or it will perform the work and bill the agency for the cost.

The Jury is also asking that USFWS reimburse the Jury for a $1,980 bill it incurred for surveying and mapping the rock weir located on the Cocodrie Bayou Wildlife Management area.

Brant Jones with Jordan, Kaiser and Sessions, which handles surveying for the Jury, said the weir is slowing drainage for about 34 percent of the northern end of parish totaling 110 square miles.

The Jury reports that the USFWS raised the weir without a permit from the Corps of Engineers.

USFWS reportedly uses the weir as a service road.

The Corps built the rock weir as part of the ring levee construction in the 1950s, according to Bill Beasley, chairman of the parish’s drainage committee.

The weir was built in 1954.

Jury President Jimmy Wilkinson said the weir is now more than four feet higher than its original design.

In other business, the Jury:

Approved repair costs to the courthouse chiller totaling $3,167.19. Trane is performing the work.

Ratified third quarter budget amendments.

Reviewed work orders.

Approved the Superintendent’s material and work requests.

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