The Village of Ridgecrest’s proposed 2021 budget includes $1.35 million in revenue and $1.26 million in expenses.

Town Council members introduced the budget ordinance during their regular meeting Tuesday.

“We’ve had to introduce the budget because we are over $500,000 because of the grants,” said Mayor Veller Ray Carroll.

The majority of the revenue and expenses come from a Louisiana Community Development Block Grant (LCDBG) and Louisiana Community Development (LCD) grant through the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act. Revenue from the grants will be used to tie into Ferriday water system and purchase water meters.

The 2021 budget shows $1.25 million coming from state grant revenue.

Second largest revenue source for Ridgecrest is from fines and DWI income totaling $30,000 followed by sales tax at $21,500 then franchise tax at $19,000.

According to the budget, Ridgecrest largest expense is auto at $7,200 followed by advertising at $1,300.

The 2021 Public Works budget was also introduced at Tuesday’s meeting with $22,000 in revenues and $20,500 in expenses leaving at net income of $1,500.

Public works revenues came from a road tax totaling $22,000 while largest expense is utilities at $14,000 followed by repairs and maintenance at $5,000.

“Proposed expenditures for the 2021 are down 3.34 percent from the 2020 amended budget,” said Carroll. “Due to COVID-19 we have tried to keep expenses to a minimum during these trying times.”

Additionally, Carroll said paperwork for the LCDBG was “signed off” and in February Ridgecrest will start taking bids on the Ferriday tie in.

Meanwhile, Ridgecrest’s annual Christmas parade was canceled amid concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.

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