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Work to improve street and drainage improvements are on tap for Ridgecrest.

Aldermen approved bids for the enhancements at their regular meeting Tuesday.

Camo Construction of Vidalia was the winning bidder for a drainage improvement project and a Vidalia Drive project.

Mayor Veller Ray Carroll and Camo Construction representatives are scheduled to sign the contract Wednesday to begin the work.

Camo Construction won the Vidalia Drive project with a bid of $81,952. The company will dig out 14 inches of road, install eight inches of limestone and six inches of concrete with fiber and wire, according to the bid.

In the drainage project, Camo Construction was low bidder at $59,245.

Culverts will be cleaned and ditches dug out for Vidalia, Pecan, Oak, Grape and Orange streets. Also, four culverts are included if they are damaged in the process of cleaning.

“If someone wants a culvert changed out while they are there, they will have to buy the culvert and have it changed out,” said Carroll. “Water went over a lot of the streets when it rained, and the culverts need to be cleaned and ditches need to be dug out.”

Money for the projects is coming from Ridgecrest’s street fund.

Meanwhile, an environmental report related to Ridgecrest’s Louisiana Community Development Block Grant (LCDBG) has not been turned into Baton Rouge by G & F Management.

The report, a vital step in receiving grant funding, was left on the desk at G & F Management but was supposed to be turned in last month.

“Once Baton Rouge has it, you are looking at 30 days,” Carroll said. “I’ve talked to Baton Rouge, and they have assured me they will receive the study by Friday.”

Carroll said officials from Gov. John Bel Edwards’ office said to call them Friday pertaining to the study. If they have not received the study by then, “the consequences are going to be tough with fines and licenses being pulled.”

Ridgecrest has received approximately $1.2 million to tie into Ferriday’s water system and purchase new water meters.

For years, the village has been plagued with brown-tinted, undrinkable water. Several boil water notices have been ordered, one as recently as Sunday.

Additionally, aldermen passed the 2021 fiscal year budget with $1.35 million in revenue and $1.26 million in expenses.

Majority of the revenue and expenses come from a LCDB grant and Louisiana Community Development (LCD) grant through the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act.

2021 budget shows $1.25 million coming from state grant revenue.

Second largest revenue source for Ridgecrest was from fines and DWI income totaling $30,000 followed by sales tax at $21,500 then franchise tax at $19,000.

According to the budget, Ridgecrest largest expense was auto at $7,200 followed by advertising at $1,300.

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