Riverland Medical Center has changed its name to Trinity Medical.

In a press release, the hospital explained the reasoning for the new name:

More than two years ago, Riverland Medical Center's (RMC) administration along with the board of directors began discussing the importance of a rebranding campaign for its present hospital facility with the goal of continuing through the completion of its new medical facility located at 6569 Highway 84.  

A committee consisting of RMC employees, nursing staff and management was formed and lead by Riverland's Marketing Director, Brandy Spears.

"The goal of the committee was to identify areas within the current facility that needed improvement and to implement ways to make those improvements prior to our staff moving into the new hospital." Spears said.

"We also wanted to give each of our employees healthcare specific customer service training, so that our hospital can become the leader in our field for providing exceptional patient care." 

Currently, more than 200 Riverland employees have completed a 2-hour healthcare customer service class presented by Anna Devening, RN.

Over the past 55 years, the physicians and staff at Riverland Medical Center have built a strong reputation for providing quality care and compassionate service to their patients.

However, branding research determined that keeping the name Riverland Medical Center for a new, state of the art medical facility was not the optimal decision. 

The reputation built under Riverland Medical Center's current identity is a valuable asset but no longer accurately reflects the new model of healthcare.

Our market research confirmed that changing our name when we move to the new hospital is the appropriate strategic move.

RockitScience Agency of Baton Rouge was engaged to work with our Marketing team to create the new brand.

"We were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such an experienced and fun group of professionals." said Spears.

"RockitScience Agency, has an impressive resume with a list of clients that include: H&E Equipment, Nasa, John Deere, LUBA Workers' Comp,” she said.

 Successful rebranding does not happen overnight, developing a logo and a name is one thing, but introducing the brand internally and to the community is a process of it's own. We hope that with our rebranding efforts and a new identity that the next 50 years will exemplify our core values of Compassion, Integrity & Wellness.

On Tuesday, August 13 Riverland officials met with employees to unveil the name for their new hospital, projected to open in August 2020. 

A four-minute video that revealed the name, "Trinity Medical" was shown to employees. The video focused, not only, on the new name and reasons it was chosen, but summarized the history of the Concordia Parish Hospital beginning in 1964 at its current location, continuing to it's name change in 1986 to the current name Riverland Medical Center. 

The presentation also included a preview of the new Trinity Medical website, which will go live later this month. The presentation concluded with each employee receiving a gift imprinted with the new Trinity Medical logo. 

The video can be seen on RMC's Facebook page  @ Riverland Medical Center.

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Why keep the same employees patient medical records is supposed to be confidential yet they are spreading the patient business if you are rebranding why not rebrand it all. Ijs

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