Seven runoff races for the Concordia Parish Police Jury are scheduled following Saturday’s primary election.

Police Jury President Jimmy Wilkinson of District 4B was eliminated, finishing third in a three-person race. Incumbent Jerry Beatty in District 4A also was ousted, finishing last in a five-person race.

Only three incumbents survived Saturday’s election, Carey Cook in District 1A in Ferriday, Willie Dunbar in District 2 in Vidalia and Jimmy Jernigan in District 5A in Wildsville-Ferriday-Clayton areas. All face runoff opponents.

Two new jurors will be seated in Districts 3B in Vidalia and 5B in Monterey. Incumbents in those districts – Whest Shirley in 3B and Red Tiffee in 5B – did not seek re-election.

Also on Saturday, interim Ridgecrest Mayor Veller Ray Carroll was elected out right, defeating former alderman Connie Adair, 85 to 75.

The following Jury runoff races are slated for the Nov. 16 general election:

District 1A:

Incumbent Carey Cook will face Maurice Bachus Sr.

Cook led the three-person field with 614 votes (47 percent) to 419 (32 percent) for Bachus and 265 (20 percent) for McKinley Bates Jr.

District 2A:

Incumbent Willie Dunbar will face Willie “Bill” Yearby.

Dunbar led the six-person race with 167 votes (28%) to 132 votes (22 percent) for Yearby.

Also in the race were Kevin Friloux 115 (19 percent), Kenny Simpson 98 (16 percent), Kenneth “Butch” Brannan 49 (8 percent) and Rodney “Fred” Washington 40 (7 percent).

District 3B:

Cornell Lewis and Scottie Whittington are in the runoff.

Lewis, 479 votes (31 percent), Whittington 470 (30 percent), Steve Fleming 220 (14 percent), Casey Wagoner 172 (11 percent), Kenneth DeWitt 148 (10 percent) and Bob Jones 60 (4 percent).

District 4A:

Curtis “Wrecker” Nelson and Genesia S. Allen are in the runoff.

Nelson 390 (31 percent), Allen 344 (27 percent), Terrence “Sweet” Williams 290 (23 percent), Rodney Matthews 124 (10 percent) and Jerry Beatty 107 (9 percent).

District 4B:

Lana Hawkins and Gary Wayne Neal are in the runoff.

Hawkins 429 votes (37 percent), Gary Wayne Neal 386 (33 percent) and Jimmy Wilkinson 355 (30 percent).

District 5A:

Incumbent Jimmy Jernigan faces Collin Edwards.

Edwards 299 votes (38 percent), Jernigan 233 (30 percent), Henry H. Ceasor 145 (19 percent), Linda Long Mills 87 (11 percent), and Howard Phillips 15 (2 percent).

District 5B:

Brad Adams and Darrell Brigman are in the runoff. Brigman edged out Morris Willson for the second place finish by one vote.

Adams 405 votes (40 percent), Brigman 225 (22 percent), Willson 224 (22 percent) and Ryan Thompson 151 (15 percent).

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