The Concordia Parish School Board last week adopted a $54.9 million budget for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2020.

Along with passage of the budget, board members approved constructing a parking lot at Ferriday Junior High, kick plates for Ferriday High and Vidalia High bleachers, and a roof on the dressing room under the Ferriday High stadium.

Passage of the consolidated budget followed a public hearing and a presentation by Director of Business Affairs Tom O’Neal.

O’Neal answered several questions posed by board members before the budget was adopted during the regular meeting. He also made available copies of a summary of the budget for the board and public.

Anticipated revenue for the year totals $51,728,087. Revenue includes $45,305,828 for the general and special revenue funds and $6,422,259 for other special revenue/agency funds.

Expenditures include $48,513,316 in the general fund and special revenue funds, and $6,401,634 in the special revenue/agency funds.

Spending outpaces income by $3,186,863, but the board will end the year with a fund balance of $27,144,071. It began the fiscal year with a fund balance of $30,330,934.

In other action, on a motion by John Bostick, the board agreed to hire the architectural firm of M3A Architect, William L. McElroy, of Jackson, Miss., to design the new Monterey High gym.

The board has budgeted $1 million this year to get the project started.

In other action, the board went into executive session to discuss the superintendent’s evaluation results.

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