The Concordia Parish School Board agreed unanimously Monday night to extend hybrid classes from two days a week to four days after Louisiana moved into Phase 3 of its Covid-19 reopening plan.

During the one hour and 50-minute special meeting, principals from each school outlined their preparations for Phase 3.

Superintendent Whest Shirley said Phase 3 means that students under the hybrid plan who chose to physically attend school two days a week will now be attending four days, Monday through Thursday.

Students who opt for virtual school will continue their education in that format. He said those students will have the opportunity to come back into the classroom in mid-October.

Teachers will use Friday for professional development, working with virtual students and doing virtual planning.

“They are having to do double work,” Shirley said.

Shirley recommended to the board that the hybrid classes be increased to four days a week as part of a Covid-19 plan adopted during late spring.

The breakdown in virtual and hybrid students as of September 10 was as follows:

Ferriday High, 262 virtual, 70 hybrid.

Ferriday Junior High, 199 virtual, 44 hybrid.

Ferriday Lower, 207 virtual, 63 hybrid.

Ferriday Upper, 199 virtual, 43 hybrid.

Monterey High, 58 virtual, 348 hybrid.

Vidalia High, 154 virtual, 199 hybrid.

Vidalia Junior High, 172 virtual, 154 hybrid.

Vidalia Lower, 167 virtual, 248 hybrid.

Vidalia Upper, 164 virtual, 147 hybrid.

Concordia Parish Academy, 160 virtual, 136 hybrid.

Concordia Education Center, 10 virtual, five hybrid.

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