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Schools are slated to open on Monday, August 24, with a mix of hybrid and virtual classes as approved by the Concordia Parish School Board.

Delta Charter in Ferriday also is scheduled to open on Monday.

During its regular meeting last week, August 13, the school board fast tracked and enacted a Covid-19 public health emergency policy as a guide for the operations of parish schools during the pandemic.

Board members also plan to open bids for construction of the new Monterey High School Gym Thursday, August 20, during a special meeting.

Another special meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Monday, August 24, to address Superintendent Whest Shirley’s contract, which is scheduled to expire at the end of the year.

Parish schools were originally scheduled to open for the fall semester on August 7, but delayed due to the virus.

Teachers reported to work on August 6, paraprofessionals on August 10.

Shirley said more than 50 percent of parents chose to have their children schooled virtually, meaning they will not physically attend classes.

Students who do physically go to a school facility for instruction will follow one of two schedules by attending school on Monday and Wednesday, or on Tuesday and Thursday.

Shirley said Fridays would be reserved for teacher development, remedial work and cleaning of schools.

He said Chromebook computer devices were being passed out to virtual students through their schools, adding that the devices are “student friendly and parent friendly.”

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