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Concordia Parish was spared much of the fury of Hurricane Laura on Thursday, but it did not escape storm-related damage.  

One traffic fatality was reported during a period of high wind gusts.  

Concordia Parish Sheriff David Hedrick said storm damage was parishwide, but the Monterey area and backside of Lake St. John appeared to have been hit the hardest.  

He said there were multiple downed trees, branches and power lines on many roadways.  

Three vehicle accidents were related to the storm, Hedrick said.  

In addition to local governing authorities, deputies and multiple citizens used chainsaws to move trees and limbs from roadways and assisted in other ways. He said in addition to his deputies working their shifts that off duty deputies also showed up to help.  

“I was really impressed of all of the folks that came out to help,” he said.  

Hedrick said deputies and others delivered ice and water to assist those in need.  

Police Jury Secretary Sandi Burley said Jury crews were out clearing roads and working with Concordia Electric crews. She said the entire area was without electricity although many areas had been restored on Monday.  

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development also had crews clearing debris from roads throughout the parish.  

While there are no reports of homes being destroyed, there were multiple homes with roof damage in the Monterey area, according to Burley. Some sheds were destroyed.  

She said the Jury also worked to assist hospice patients while juror Brad Adams assisted in obtaining gas and generators for those in need.  

LSU AgCenter Agent Kylie Miller said farmers are “still working to get the crops out.” She said the amount of damage caused by the hurricane depended the maturity of the crop  

She said the rice crop experienced lodging, caused when the plant stem is weakened to the point it can no longer support the grain.  

The successful harvest of soybeans “will depend on the weather moving into the next few weeks. If we continue to have rains, we could see some issues with damage. We have a good crop. Let’s hope we see some sunshine to get it out.”  

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