The Tensas-Concordia Conservation District recorded a net position of $133,974 for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2019, according to a financial report released Monday by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor.

The Halford Firm, PLLC of Vicksburg, Miss prepared the report.

In a statement of net position, the report noted that total assets were $159,354, including $34,699, cash and cash equivalents; $14,392, accounts receivable; $110,000, certificates of deposit; and $263, fixed assets.

Liabilities totaled $25,380 and included $12,722, accounts payable; and $12,658, long-term liabilities and compensated absences.

In a statement of revenues, expenses and changes in fund balance, the report stated that revenues amounted to $115,648, including $50,713, farm bill; $4,449, MRBI program; $57,732, state funds; $1,779, interest income; and $975, miscellaneous.

Expenditures totaled $134,233, including $1,450, operating services; $124,350, personal services; $5,556, supplies; and $2,877, travel.

The result was a deficit of $18,585, but with a beginning fund balance of $164,954, the fiscal year ended with a balance of $146,369.

Chairman of the district is Richard Netterville.

Conservation districts in Louisiana were established in 1938 when created by the Legislature.

There are 44 soil and water conservation districts in the state.

Soil conservative services were created in the 1930s following dust storms during which thousands of tons of topsoil were lost. A long period of drought and poor farming practices were blamed for the disaster.

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