The Thanksgiving Season is a great opportunity for the people of God to spread the authenticity of the Christian message.  Our celebration during this special time of the year chronicles the history surrounding the fellowship that transpired between the Pilgrims, and the Native Americans, and it is very important, and imperative that all of us understand that the Pilgrims, and the Native Americans came together in order to create a fellowship that was geared toward giving thanks unto God for His powerful, purposeful, plentiful, plenteous, and progressive provision. Thus, the purpose, and the impetus that has driven our Thanksgiving Celebration for so many years is actually the basic and foundational concept, and courtesy of giving thanks to the One, who is called our “Beneficial Provider.” (God is our “Beneficial Provider.”)

However, the true approach to our Thanksgiving Celebration has become covered up by our various festivities, and we’ve somehow been made to think, and believe that Thanksgiving is all about us, designed by us, put in place by us, wrapped around us, and laid out for us, but Thanksgiving is not really about us.  Instead, the Thanksgiving Season is really all about giving thanks unto God, who has been providentially producing, and providing us with everything that we need.

So we get excited when everything seems to be going well, we wallow in sorrow when everything seems to be going bad, and even during this season in which our time should be filled with celebration for the Master of all creation, some of us become lost within our self gratification, self glorification, self certification, and self ambition.  Yet, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or the status of you nationality, the one thing that would be ludicrous for any of us to deny is the fact that God has been the ultimate provider for humanity throughout all human historicity. 

At least the Pilgrims, and the Native Americans had enough unction, and fervor to come together for the purpose of Giving God thanks. We should absolutely, and unequivocally do the same. Therefore, take some time out of your busy schedule, during this Thanksgiving Season, and give God some thanks for everything that He has done for us!

 (Editor’s Note: Rev. Lewis is pastor of the New Morning Star Baptist Church in Ferriday.)

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