Four first-degree murder indictments were handed down by the parish grand jury on Friday, Aug. 3, in Seventh Judicial District Court in Vidalia.

Two men were indicted for the murder of a school teacher in late June while a third man was indicated for the killing of his wife and her son in Clayton a week later.

All three victims were shot to death.

Martin Anthony Watson, 54, was indicted for the two murders in Clayton that occurred on June 30. He is accused of using an assault weapon to kill his wife, Meghan McCoy Watson, and her juvenile son. The child was a junior high student.

In the other case, Jimmy O’Neal Lewis, 48, and Cedrick Tennessee, 41, both of Ferriday, were indicted for the June 23 shooting death of Fredrick McCray Jr., 27, also of Ferriday.

A .40 caliber Glock semi-automatic pistol was used in the slaying.

Concordia Parish Sheriff Office Chief Deputy David Hedrick said McCray Jr. died of a single gunshot. His body was found hidden under a pile of wood next to an abandoned building near Bayou Levee Road in Ferriday.

Hedrick said investigators believe McCray gave the two suspects a ride in his car and was shot during the commission of an armed robbery.

McCray was a teacher at Morgantown Middle School in Natchez.

In the other case, an AR-15 was used in the double homicide of Meghan McCoy Watson and her son at 211 Anderson Road in Clayton.

Hedrick said Marvin Anthony Watson, accompanied by his lawyer, turned himself in at the Adams County Sheriff Office after the murder. Watson is fighting extradition from Mississippi to Louisiana.

CPSO Investigator Chris Groh said Watson allegedly shot the mother and son using an AR-15. The shootings took place at approximately 11:45 p.m. Saturday, June 30.

A family member called the CPSO to report the shooting and deputies found both victims unresponsive.

"By the time we got the report, the alleged shooter and his attorney were at the Adams County Sheriff's Office," Groh said at the time.

Groh said Watson has been out on probation after pleading guilty in 2015 to a manslaughter charge in Natchez.

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