Ferriday land

Ferriday aldermen voted against a proposal to sell land at 114 and 116 Louisiana Avenue and held off talk of a hiring and raise freeze during the town’s regular monthly meeting Tuesday.

The land that was proposed for sell is located near 1st Street in Ferriday.

Alderwoman Gloria Lloyd opposed selling any land the town owns.

Alderman Andre Keys brought up putting in a hiring and raise freeze, but Keys was told that proposal has to go through an ordinance or through the budget.

Lloyd told Mayor Rydell Turner at the beginning of the meeting that she had contacted a state legislative auditor about the resignation of former police chief Herman Curry and he (auditor) said it could be a problem.

Curry resigned last month, citing differences with Turner.

Lloyd said at the time that the board should be the one accepting the resignation.

Turner named Bo Stevens as interim police chief last week.

“You can oppose if he was fired, but when someone quits, there is no law upholding that,” Turner said. “Once he turned in his resignation I accepted it and that’s the end of that.”

Lloyd countered that it was never brought before the board.

“I never saw a letter and I am supposed to be the commissioner for the police department,” Lloyd said. “I knew nothing about Herman, Rock (former interim police chief Robert Davis) or Stevens. It’s the same problem. You can’t do stuff without the permission of the board.”

“Rock didn’t want to be police chief, and he is still working at the school,” Turner said. “This was not on the agenda so we are going to go on with the meeting.”

“This is the same thing that happened in the last administration,” Lloyd said, referring to a rift between former Ferriday police chief Arthur Lewis and former Mayor Sherrie McMahon. “This is being disrespectful to the board.”

Banks offered a motion to place a plaque at Ferriday Hall listing the mayor and board of aldermen at the time of the opening.

The board approved the motion, but did not discuss a motion by Banks to name Ferriday Hall after former Ferriday mayor Sammy Davis Jr.

Lloyd said aldermen approved naming Ferriday Hall after former mayor Gene Allen in the last administration, but former mayor McMahon said that was never approved, and that to name a building after a living person it has to go before the state legislature.

Banks asked about building a swimming pool in the town.

Turner said he has been looking at downsizing the current pool that was shut down.

Ferriday Administrative Assistant Emerson Slain said Monterey is getting a new swimming pool through a partnership with Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser.

“The lieutenant governor will be here for the Juneteenth parade (June 19), so we can talk to him then about options for Ferriday,” Slain said.

Occupational licenses were approved for Adam 2 Grocery, LCD Fragrance & Crafts and JG’s Inflatable Service.

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