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Rydell Turner was sworn in as mayor of Ferriday on Tuesday, and minutes later announced some of his first appointments.

Turner and the newly elected Ferriday aldermen were sworn in by Clerk of Court Andy Anders.

"I look forward to working with a lot of people in this town," Turner told a large gathering at Ferriday Hall. "I'm not getting up here and saying I'm going to make it better, but I am going to be an extension to those before me. I thank people like Sammy Davis, Hubert Lee McGlothin, Glen McGlothin, Gene Allen, Odell Montgomery and Sherrie McMahon. What they did allowed me to be in this position."

Turner announced that he was appointing former police chief Margaret Lawrence as interim police chief and current Ferriday Fire Chief Joe Sontoya as interim fire chief.

Current Town Clerk Sharon Kelly will serve as interim town clerk.

Turner named them as interims because he said he has not had enough days to make a final decision.

During the program, longtime Ferriday alderwoman Gloria Lloyd said she gave Turner his first job.

"You are dear to my heart," Lloyd said. “I hope and pray Ferriday gets behind this young black man and lift him up. And we have to stop electing a new mayor every four years.”

State Sen. Glen Womack said he will assist Turner in any way possible.

"There may not be a lot of money here, but seeing this turnout encourages me that we can move forward," Womack said.

Leslie Durham with Delta Regional Authority represented Governor John Bel Edwards at the program.

"Anything rural we try to get our hands in," Durham said. "Mayor Turner cannot do this alone. Everybody in this room can get out and help move Ferriday in the right direction."

Turner said he was “elated about getting the chance to take Ferriday to another level. I'm excited and the people are excited. It's a new day. I'm looking forward to taking the first step. We have such a small window with Covid-19, but one of the first things we are going to do is clean this town up. I want Ferriday to be a model town for people to live in."

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