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Rydell Turner takes office as mayor of Ferriday on Tuesday.

Clerk of Court Andy Anders will administer the oath of office to the new mayor at 10 a.m. at town hall.

Turner beat out former Ferriday mayor Gene Allen, 574 to 418 votes, during Saturday’s runoff election, according to unofficial results from the Louisiana Secretary of State.

Parishwide, only 13 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot in the one-cent sales tax renewal for schools. But of those who voted, 80 percent were in support, 1,403 to 341.

In the mayoral election, Turner received 58 percent of the 992 votes cast, according to the Secretary of State.

Unofficial turnout was 47.9 percent for Ferriday mayor.

"I am elated about getting the chance to take Ferriday to another level," Turner said Tuesday. "I'm excited and the people are excited. It's a new day. I'm looking forward to taking the first step.

“One of the first things we are going to do is clean this town up. I want Ferriday to be a model town for people to live in."

Turner said anyone interested in working for the town can come by his office at 201 N. E.E Wallace Blvd. in Ferriday and pick up an application between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. through Saturday.

In the Ferriday Alderman District A race, Brandi Bacon beat Shana "Pouncey" Skipper by 13 votes. Bacon received 53 percent and tallied 113 votes to Skipper’s 100.

Former alderman Elijah "Stepper's" Banks beat Margaret J. Glasper 92 to 72 votes in the Ferriday Alderman District B runoff. Banks received 56 percent of the 164 total votes.

Andre J. Keys was reelected by one vote in the Ferriday Alderman District D race.

Keys beat Patricia "Martin" Williams, 102 to 101, with 47.3 percent voter turnout in their district, according to unofficial Secretary of State numbers.

The one-cent school tax approved by voters on Saturday generates an estimated $2.7 million annually.

According to the ballot, the new 10-year term of the tax renewal begins January 1, 2021, “with sixty per cent (60%) of the net proceeds … to be used for support for curriculum improvement and for improving, purchasing and erecting school buildings and related facilities and for operating and maintaining schools and related facilities within the Parish, and the remaining forty per cent (40%) to be used to supplement the payment of salaries of public school teachers and other public school employees of the School Board,

including the payment of unemployment compensation benefits and costs of retirement and insurance programs for active and retired School Board personnel.”

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