The Town of Vidalia recorded revenues of $32.2 million and $30 million in expenses through May 31, representing 11 months of the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

That is according to a financial report given by Town Accountant Debra Moak Tuesday night during the Vidalia Board of Alderman regular monthly meeting.

Assets for the town totaled $35 million, she said.

Additionally, Moak reported that the town experienced a reduction in revenue and an increase in expenses due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but that it “has fared well compared to other towns.”

She said sales taxes are up over last year.

Events for the convention center were cancelled because of the virus.

Moak said the town is seeking federal funds to help offset expenses for refurbished laptops, sanitizers, gloves and other items required as town operations were altered to continue work during the crisis.

Reimbursement through federal funding for overtime pay for essential workers will be sought, she said, noting that the town will partner with the parish in recovering some of these funds.

Additionally, Moak noted that the town has thus far collected $27,000 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency relating to expenses for 2019 flooding. She said street work has begun since the Mississippi River receded.

Moak noted that $2.7 million of the $2.8 million capital outlay budget had been expended through May 20.

Also, the town is in the process of removing mold from the city court building and the fire department fire house.

Work to implement a service work system for streets, sanitation, mechanic shop and utility office is underway to better track the work.

She said an audio-visual system has been purchased for the convention center which will be paid through the hotel occupancy tax.

Alderman Tommy Probst brought up several items during the meeting, including town ordinances.

He said several candidates, including Mayor Buz Craft, violated the city ordinance concerning the placement of political signs on Saturday, the day of the election, and that other violations occurred well before election day.

Craft indicated he did not violate the ordinance.

Probst said the failure of the town to enforce its own ordinance was unfair to those candidates who followed the rules.

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