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MIKE BOWLIN stands in front of the Vidalia High Wall of Fame that features posters of graduating seniors from the school. (Photos by Wes Faulk

Concordia Dixie Youth Baseball and Miss-Lou Soccer President Mike Bowlin was sitting around with wife, Kim, wondering when they would be able to hit the fields again.

And then the discussion moved to the current senior class not being able to have its graduation on the normal day or go through all the senior rituals.

"My dad (Clarence Bowlin) told me once, 'If you don't like what's being done, go change it,'" Bowlin said. "So I looked at Kim and asked her what she thought about a plan to get posters of the seniors and put them up at the high school in the parking lot where people can drive by and look at them and take pictures, and grandparents would not even have to get out of their cars."

Bowlin did not want to have to ask the seniors for any money, so he received pledges from Concordia Bank, Delta Bank and Tensas State Bank and the City of Vidalia as major sponsors.

He also received donations from Jordan Farmer State Farm, Silas Simmons, The Markets, Johnny's Pizza, Southern Designs, Trinkets and Treasures, J&J Carpet and Brent Smith Insurance Agency, and was donated free labor from the Concordia Parish Sheriff's Office.

The close to 90 senior pictures are lined up from the school gym to the school library.

Bowlin said he plans on replacing the bottom rope with pipes to keep the posters steadier.

"It's not exactly the way we want it right now, but it's up there," he said. "We just felt so bad for the seniors and wanted to do something."

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