The Concordia Parish Police Jury agreed Tuesday night to solicit new bids for the Washington Heights sewer project.
The decision came after bids from three contractors were over budget, marking the second time this has happened.
The project will be redesigned and new bids sought.
On another matter, Heather Urena of Kisatchie Delta said she is seeking a SEDAP (States' Economic Development Assistance Program) grant for unified utilities in the parish.
The Jury voted to authorize payment to reinstate the dues to Kisatchie Delta and authorized Jury President Jimmy Wilkinson to execute and submit the SEDAP grant on behalf of the parish.
Secretary-Treasurer Sandi Burley said the upcoming Region VIII meeting would be held Concordia Parish. She asked jurors to consider where to hold the meeting, who would be guest speakers and what topics would be addressed.
In other action, the Jury
-- Noted a final meeting with architect Joe Brocato was held on May 22 to review the final design for the courtroom renovation. Brocato is to submit the final design to the state fire marshals office by May 31.
-- Discussed ordinance violations with Assistant DA Austin Lipsey.
-- Heard Glen Womack discussed his candidacy for state senate.
-- Appointed LeJean Corbett to the Concordia Parish Library Board upon the retirement of Bobbie Calhoun.
-- Reported that Jordan Kaiser and Sessions met with the Corps of Engineers to complete the required documents and designs to process the request for a 404 permit for the Brushy Bayou Drainage Project. A 408 permit is out for review and final signatures. All documents for the 404 permit are due to Corps and GOHSEP by Friday, May 31.
Alcohol permits were approved for:
Dodge Store, 4774 Hwy 84, Vidalia.
Panola Woods Country Club, 266 Country Club Drive, Ferriday.
Karl’s Lounge, 9766 Hwy 84 W, Ferriday.
Spokane Resort, 4269 Hwy 568, Ferriday.
Frozen Spokane, 4269 Hwy 568, Ferriday.
Marsala Beverage, 6647 Hwy 84, Ferriday.
JoJo’s Drive Thru, 4592 Hwy 84, Ferriday.

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