The Concordia Parish Police approved a resolution Monday night to send a certified letter to Waste Pro to discuss fines the contractor may face for missed garbage pickups in June and thus far in July.

That action followed an executive session during the Jury’s regular meeting Monday night.

Juror Brad Adams’ motion, seconded by Collin Edwards, was unanimously passed by the Jury.

In the certified letter, Jury President Joe Parker said Waste Pro will be told that the Jury “no longer needed reasons” on why the pickups are not being made, but that “we need results.”

Jurors have been inundated this year with calls from upset residents complaining that their garbage is not being picked up.

Waste Pro picks up garbage for 4,300 households in the parish. 

Due to garbage pickup issues this year, the Jury at one point was forced to use inmate labor in the Monterey area because there had been no pickups there in a week.

In April, jurors questioned the company over its collection practices with several jurors saying they field complaints about garbage pickup constantly with juror Adams saying he hears complaints daily.

Waste Pro promised to address the issues, and said that communication was a major problem that they would seek to improve immediately.

At that April meeting, jurors added the company’s pickup routes are not on schedule and that pickup is erratic. As a result, jurors said they and Jury employees are called all times of the day and night about garbage pickup issues they don’t have the answers to.

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