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Vidalia officials and citizens met at two public hearings recently to propose projects to be financed by approximately $1 million in Vidalia hydro royalties.

The mayor and aldermen will now go through the wish list to narrow down their selections. More public hearings will follow for further discussions.

Following are the suggestions as compiled at Vidalia Town Hall at two public hearings:

Public Hearing August 27, 2019

Mayor Buz Craft:

1. Pay LEPA Unit 1 costs for months of June-Sept and pass along savings to utility customers 

2. Statues on each end of town/large flags.

3. Street repair at VHS football field-cooperative endeavor with Concordia Parish School Board.

4. Town street repair/overlays.

5. Renovation/repair of old town hall (COA bldg).

6. Security cameras at entrances of neighborhoods.

7. Partner with CPSB to use small business hub for tutoring.

Sabrina Dore’:

1. Playgrounds/pavilions for all ages. Handicap accessible. Make present fountain on riverfront into a full-fledged splash pad. Use town property only-no CEA with other governmental bodies.

2. Phone system to alert residents of storms, possible power outages, etc.

Ken Dewitt:

1. Walking paths/picnic areas around ball field complex.

Destiney Robb:

1. Handicap accessible playgrounds (not in favor of using riverfront or Polk Park for these playgrounds).

2. Wants Vidalia to be known as “the greenest little city on the Mississippi” with environmentally-friendly projects.

Ricky Knapp:

1. Connect riverfront & rec complex with walking/biking trail using old Rr bed. Can go under Carter Street if necessary or use overpass.

Robert Gardner:

1. Adding curb & gutter to town streets.

2. Pumping stations for lower areas of town.

3. Agrees with mayor’s proposal to pay LEPA Unit 1 costs for high usage months.

4. Agrees with Sabrina Dore’s proposal for playgrounds/splash pad (wants groups to be able to reserve facility).


1. Projects to benefit young adults to fight illiteracy and teen pregnancy 

Casandra Lynch:

1. Keep library open longer (pointed out that she needs to talk to members of library board).

2. Replace city hall phone system (doesn’t like automated answering system).

3. Re-activate town recycling program.

Public Hearing September 3, 2019

Mayor Craft:

1. Expanding Christmas activities.

2. Construct new town carpenter workshop.

3. Construct new dog pound/shelter & re-locate.

4. Repair needed areas of riverwalk/enhance vccc audio/visual systems.

Casandra Lynch:

1. Town-sponsored tutoring program (Rosa Demby gave presentation) Grades 1-8, after school. Program cost approximately $67k in 2011. 

2. Town events on regular monthly/bi-monthly basis to attract visitors. More advertising to promote town. 

3. Establish award/recognition for local citizens for volunteer work and community activism.

Diana Rodriguez:

1. Added funds for town beautification projects (medians/curbs/ landscaping, etc.).

2. Local choirs to participate in Christmas programs on riverfront.


1. Music on courthouse square/amphitheater on monthly basis using local artists.

Sabrina Dore’ (From Various Residents) 

1. Provide electric service to soccer fields at rec complex.

2. Provide security lights at old ball fields.

3. Construct skateboard park.

4. Provide free community classes for various subjects (knitting, karate, resume’ skills, line dancing, etc).

5. Upgrading street lights along Carter Street/running power lines underground.

6. Publish newsletter monthly to update citizens on projects and town plans.

General questions on process going forward to determine which projects get approved and funded.

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