The Concordia Parish Police Jury tabled action on the purchase of a knuckle boom/grapple truck and took care of a number of other matters during its regular meeting Monday night.

Jury Vice-President Adam Probst presided at the meeting in the absence of President Joe Parker.

Jury Secretary-Treasurer Sandi Burley said a cost analysis of the purchase of a knuckle boom/grapple truck revealed that fix costs would be $180,000 for the purchase of the truck.

Re-occurring costs, she said, would amount to $266,420.70, including:

-- $5,000, insurance (using average costs; fleet insurance pricing).

-- $4,464.42, liability (using solid waste Workman Compensation code averages to 5.4% of gross wages).

-- $126,696.28, salaries and benefits (fulltime staff of one operator at $14.62 per hour and two laborers at $12.75 each per hour).

-- $70,000, disposal (using 2020 costs)

-- $30,160, fuel (estimate of 200 miles per day, five days a week, .56 mileage rate).

-- $30,100, maintenance (estimating $2,500 per month for repairs/maintenance).

Burley said disposal of waste would have to be at a certified landfill unless the parish is under a state of emergency with a Department of Environmental Quality certified burn site.

“We can’t afford this,” juror Willie Yearby said.

Jurors agreed to table the matter for further study.

In other action, the Jury:

Appointed Vidalia Police Chief Joey Merrill to replace the late sheriff Kenneth Hedrick on the Concordia Communications District.

Ratified purchase orders and bank statement.

Approved occupational licenses for:

DSNP (print decals/monogramming), Alex Harrison, 105 Woodmount Road.

D&P Diesel (diesel mechanic shop), Donnie Dodge, 5348 Hwy. 84, Vidalia.

Reviewed work orders.

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