During the regular meeting of Riverland Medical Center on Tuesday, officials reported net revenue of $1,498,704 for December

Total expenses were $2,100,114 giving Riverland a loss of $601,410.

Riverland’s Chief Financial Officer Spencer Holder said the loss was due to the closing of a USDA loan closing, bond issue and interest.

"So that has to do with closing loans and getting the new hospital on line," said Riverland board chairman Jim Graves.

The board approved a renewed contract for pediatrician Dr. Carrie Bonomo, but tabled approving contracts for Ears, Nose and Throat and Urology.

Dr. Kevin Ingram asked for the ENT and Urology to be tabled, requesting more information.

There was confusion over re-imbursement fees and the CARES Act regarding COVID-19.

Ellard said there is enough revenue to cover the contracts.

Ellard said people he has talked to have expressed their desires for ENT and urology services and for the hospital to perform surgeries.m

"I'm not sure how much more information I can give you," Ellard said

Policies and procedures were approved for Radiology, maintenance, compliance, clinics and Cura Hospitality.

The board approved medical staff final appointments for Dr. Amir Abdelmalik, Dr. Morgan Haile an Dr. Viram Hatti as radiologists; Dr. Gerald Broussard as an emergency room physician, Courtney Brunson and Amy Hancock in wound care; Kennedy Poole and Deana Mabry in clinics and Lisa Wilson as a CRNA.

The board also praised Ellard and Riverland staff members overseeing COVID-19 vaccinations.

"They have done a great job administering the vaccines," said board member Fred Marsalis. "They have been very professional and very organized."

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