A rebate for retail utility customers was approved by the Vidalia Board of Alderman during its regular meeting Tuesday night.

On another matter, an update was provided by the mayor and town clerk on Riverbend Landfill.

And there also was an announcement from Fire Chief Johnny Evans that the town’s fire rating dropped from a 3 to a 2, meaning lower insurance premiums for residents.

Mayor Buz Craft, who recently tested positive for Covid-19, took part in the meeting electronically from his home.

Craft said $1.2 million will be rebated to utility customers from hydroelectric royalties.

“The rebates are increasing,” he said, noting this is the largest rebate ever.

He said $2.5 million will be available with half of the money going to a public project or projects.

According to the mayor, the cost of purchasing power during the past fiscal year was $8.6 million with royalties amounting to $13.3 million.

He said reserves in the fund are more than required.

During the previous fiscal year of 2018-19, approximately $1.6 million was available in hydro royalties with half of that amount going to citizens and businesses in rebate checks and the other half for a public project or projects.

Of the $12.7 million in hydro royalties during the past fiscal year, $9.1 million was for the purchase of electricity. Some $2.3 million was kept in reserve.

Concerning the Riverbend Landfill, Craft said that after a fire at the landfill that the Department of Environmental Quality shut down the operation. Afterward, the company sought bankruptcy.

“We still have a contract that is still good for two more years” Craft said.

LaSyone said the company filed Chapter 11 and the matter has been turned over to the town’s legal representatives.

He said a contract is in place at $15 per ton, which is “a great rate.”



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