Paul Hurd

With the tragic loss of our Congressman-elect Luke Letlow, the special election to fill the seat in the Fifth Congressional District will begin when qualifying begins Wednesday, Jan. 20.

I believe the 2020 Presidential election was a procedural debacle followed by an abject judicial surrender — state and federal. No branch of government (Congress, Justice Department or the Courts) stepped up to defend the integrity of our vote in 2020.

The result: Joe Biden is President; Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds a narrow majority in the House of Representatives, and Chuck Schumer with V.P. Kamala Harris hold a narrow majority in the U.S. Senate. Our traditional, Christian, hardworking America is under attack by the new socialist D.C. leadership, supported by Big Media and Big Tech. In this environment, every Congressional District matters, and the “First Fight For Freedom” in America begins in our Fifth Congressional District next week.

Be aware, be warned and be prepared to reject the coming Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Schumer efforts to “transform America,” starting in the Fifth Congressional District. This new D.C. leadership is looking for a candidate that will support, or at least not challenge or obstruct, the new “woke religion” that includes open border globalists, economic socialists and dictatorial government. And, the D.C. leadership team is not coming alone.

With them comes the heavy handed Big Media and Big Tech. Big Media is coming to slander any conservative that stands against the D.C. leadership. Big Tech will focus and expand their banning and censuring of our traditional, moral and conservative beliefs in the Fifth Congressional District. Their “algorithms” will be set to “shadow ban” or eliminate conservative ads and speech from techno “news” and social media.

It is all happening now in D.C., and it is coming to the Fifth Congressional District. Ultimately, the D.C. invasion will tell us to support whomever they believe will be a meek, pliable, compromiser in Congress.

I believe the citizens in the Fifth Congressional District will not be fooled or bullied.

Instead, we will win this “First Fight For Freedom” and make sure we elect a strong, experienced advocate for Louisiana and America, who we are sure will stand up against the oppressive excesses of the “woke” D.C. socialism and globalists. We will elect a congressman who can be available 24/7 to forcefully oppose the new D.C. order, and who will promote American prosperity and our constitutional American Dream based upon personal freedom and open economic opportunity.

To determine which candidate is best prepared to represent the Fifth Congressional District, we need details and specifics on the policy disputes of the day. As a voter, I want any potential candidate to address the coming constitutional and governmental issues listed below, as a start.

Protect American prosperity: Defeat and repeal legislation authorizing D.C. bureaucrats to regulate our lives and our businesses. Enact “anti-delegation provisions” that legally restrain bureaucracies and agencies, including “sunset amendments.” Defend agri-business production and exportation competitiveness. Affirmatively promote Louisiana Oil and Gas production. Defend small business competitiveness from anti-competitive actions of suppliers and vendors.

Protect America from Communist China: Support protection for American companies bringing manufacturing jobs back from China. Put tariffs on products that exist through slave and prison labor in China and elsewhere. Bring pharmaceutical production back to America. Create financial penalties, tariffs, penalties on China’s technology thefts of intellectual property. Greatly reduce the number of students, professors and guest workers from China coming to America. Protect our ports and infrastructure from operation by China based/affiliated companies. Support economic freedom in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Protect American workers: Support completion of the wall along the Southwest border. Support modest legal immigration to protect wages of American workers. Minimize immigration permits for tech, engineering and other science professional. Greatly reduce entry of refugee and other distressed immigrants.

Protect American voters: Require security measures to verify identity of all voters (in-person and mail-in) and secret ballot protection of each voter, whether a state chooses to use voting by mail or in person. Focus voting on Election Day voting. Support excluding non-citizens in the apportionment of voting representation. Prevent efforts to impose D.C. approval of voting changes in the states.

Protect freedom of speech and personal privacy from Big Tech: Enact limitations on Big Tech contractually taking away its users’ personal information without compensation to users, and eliminate geographical tracking without consent and sever penalties for violation.

Ultimately, it is the duty of each of us to elect a strong, experienced business and political advocate to represent the Fifth Congressional District in the Congress. I encourage each voter in the Fifth Congressional District to get ready for the D.C. invasion. Our response shall be: Stand tall, stand strong and stand free!

Paul L. Hurd, is a business consultant and constitutional expert; with extensive legal and political knowledge concerning voting procedures and unconstitutional re-districting.

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