Dear Editor,

Some thoughts to take away from the C.A.R.R. public meeting last week on a new hospital:

First, I have never laid a charge of racism on any individual or group. That badge of dishonor lies squarely at the heart of the “plan” from Stroudwater. The reports from the focus group “studies” were fairly dripping in racist colored ink, a mashup of the last 50 years of racism in America.

Second, the patient count numbers in the “plan” are sketchy at best. Another part of the numbers hinged on the traffic volume flowing past the proposed site. Numbers taken out of context can seem convincing, but when you look at all the traffic count data available on the LaDOTD website, you soon discover the difference between the two locations is of little real importance.

Next, the cost of the plan keeps changing in a bad way. First, $35 million, which morphed into $36 million. Then, there is the $1-2 million more for turning lanes. And, there is now a Doctor's building to pay for. If this cost was always there, then that means we are getting that much less in the hospital itself. If this is a new cost, then the project cost is rocketing out of control.

Then, the folks from Ferriday took some more criticism as “too possessive” of the hospital. When you present the people and the town as the roadblock to the hospital's future, you should not be surprised we take offense. Ferriday citizens remind those who have forgotten that we have resigned the post of whipping boy. Please learn to carry your own water.

Finally, to get 50+ people in opposition to something is a significant group anywhere. To draw that much opposition in Concordia is a virtual tidal wave. Among the people present was an A-List of respected parish citizens.

Maybe it is time now for cooler heads to prevail among the hospital's leadership. The stubborn refusal of a few to accept the reality in front of them is now the real problem.

Wayne Roberts


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