Dear Editor,

It’s quite disturbing to read on a monthly basis (sometime weekly) that Ferriday Mayor Jacobs continues her escapade in suspending Chief Arthur Lewis of the Ferriday police department.

How can a senior employee, such as Mr. Lewis with his extensive education, military background, and work experience in the area of law enforcement, previously for the City of Vidalia warrant the kind of treatment generated by Mayor Jacobs? There is something extremely wrong with this situation?

We ask ourselves, is this lack of administrative training and/or the inexperience of a leader on the part of Mayor Jacob who should embrace the ideas and past experience of Mr. Lewis and set the wheels in motion to make Ferriday the safest little town in Louisiana.

The questions are: Did Mayor Jacobs sit down with Mr. Lewis and outline her expectations, in person with a follow up in writing?

If the answer is yes, were the expectations reviewed by Mr. Lewis and/or if necessary, by the Aldermen for the City of Ferriday? Was a time limit (30, 60, 90 or 120 day period) indicated to give Mr. Lewis time to accomplish what’s expected of him?

As the suspension goes, it looks as if Mr. Lewis did not work long enough, or on a continuous basis to be evaluated. Is it that Mr. Lewis ideas for the City of Ferriday, his past experience, training, and level of communications are above Mayor Jacobs’s expectation and she does not know how to address the issues with Mr. Lewis or the City of Ferriday? Therefore, you are suspended for 30 days!

In the world of management, there’s always a learning curve in any position of employment that all employers expect an employee to accomplish, adhere to or be observed. This situation within the City of Ferriday, amongst others, started the day Mayor Jacobs took office. It seems as if Mayor Jacob is viewed as the unskilled driver and/or leader, going downhill and doesn’t know how to apply the brakes, or take the time, or know how to communicate her expectation to an employee and communicate as the designated leader for the City of Ferriday.

Read between the lines citizens of Ferriday, based on the continuous treatment and suspensions of Mr. Lewis, the writing is on the wall that Mayor Jacobs has an eye on a replacement. Therefore, Mayor Jacobs wants Mr. Lewis to resign to make it a little easier for her to bring in a new replacement. This is the making of an inexperienced leader, even within the little town of Ferriday.

This is just one citizen’s opinion.

Lillian McKinney


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