Leadership, good word, and it can be hard to find sometimes. Leadership is far more than just doing a job and keeping your paycheck. Leadership involves doing your job with care, determination, foresight, and responsibility. There seems to be precious little of real, genuine leadership at Riverland these days.

We have (for now) a surgeon as good as Dr. Gregg ever was, and those were mighty big shoes to fill! But some paid consultant has decided it is time to push him off the payroll. It is just a financial decision. But, it is the wrong decision. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that you don’t chop off the hand that feeds you.

And now, the “I told you so’s” can start rolling in. That “Doctor’s Building” is a sham. It turns out to be little more than some room for those one-day a week Doctor’s to come over and cram people all day into a cheap crowded waiting room. Making matters worse, it’s not even a separate building. It has been shoehorned in with the administration offices. Which brings us to the worst part of this “I told you so.” This is just going to take money out of the in-patient side of the facility. I told you so.

Can we really trust a $40 million dollar project to people who won’t even paint the ceiling of their own front porch? Try walking in the front door at Riverland without getting rusty paint flakes in your hair. Can we trust people who make misguided financial decisions? Do we really want to keep on with the bait and switch con being pulled on us? I hope not.

Wayne Roberts


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