The Planting Pride Junior Garden Club of Ferriday Upper Elementary, sponsored by the Ferriday Garden Club held its final meeting of the school year on May 3.

It was an exciting day for the fourth graders, as they harvested potatoes and carrots from their edible garden. The garden was bountiful, to say the least. Planting Pride students took their produce home to share with their families. They planted two gardens this year with a variety of different produce throughout the school year. 

At the beginning of the school year, they colored pictures of what their produce would look like below, as well as above ground at harvest time.

Ferriday Garden Club member Anne Dyer directed the garden project. FGC members Jeanine Reeves, Peggy June, and Nancy King were there to help and assist throughout the year, as well. 

All the students helped in planting, maintaining, and harvesting the garden. It was their project. They took great pride in harvesting, at least fifty potatoes and almost an equal amount of carrots. They left the carrot tops on the garden surface to work as compost in the ground, after harvesting.

The students were given a garden bag with gloves for their garden work, as well as for planting a Bald Cypress tree on the school property to celebrate Arbor Day.They took their bags home, on harvest day. After the harvesting, they returned to their meeting room to enjoy a farewell party. They iced and decorated cookies for refreshments. Then, they played a musical game similar to musical chairs to test their knowledge of the different subject topics of the this year's meetings

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