Planting Pride

The Planting Pride Junior Garden Club sponsored by the Ferriday Garden Club held a meeting on March 15. The program was led by FGC member Jeanine Reeves. The emphasis for the meeting was focused on the students learning the importance of saving the Earth's resources by recycling, reducing and reusing common, every day items or products, if possible.

Recycle means taking something old and turning it into something new. The students learned that reduce means finding ways to decrease the amount of garbage we throw away. An example, was to try to buy items with little or no packaging. Lastly, there was a discussion about how to reuse items. Club members came up with ways to use some things over and over again. An example would be to use a plastic drink container again for water or another favorite beverage. The Concordia Parish Library helped in the project, by supplying books concerning recycling, reducing, and reusing. The students chose information found in these resources to write a brief paragraph and shared it with the group. Lastly, they brainstormed ways that they could encourage others in the community not to litter, as well.

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