So when was the last time Vidalia had a better record heading into the Concordia Classic?

When was the last time Vidalia had a better chance to make the playoffs than Ferriday going into the parish rivalry?

When was the last time Ferriday did not make the playoffs?

When was the last time Vidalia had more band members than Ferriday heading into the much-anticipated grudge match?

Well, you get the idea.

Strange days indeed.

While neither the Vikings are Trojans have had football seasons to brag on, both schools have a lot at stake Friday when the two meet at Melz Field.

That thing called pride goes a long way in making the off-season a little more bearable when you are struggling.

If Vidalia wins, the Vikings can at least wait until Sunday to see if the win is good enough to send them on the road for a first-roound playoff game.

.And there’s also the feeling of knocking Ferriday out of the playoffs for sure.

If Ferriday wins, the Trojans can know they kept Vidalia from making the playoffs, while finishing with the same record.

As legendary Vidalia coach Dee Faircloth used to say, “It could be checkers, but it’s still Ferriday versus Vidalia.”

To borrow a line from the SEC, it just means more to both schools.

Let’s face it, even if both teams do not make the playoffs, the wait until spring practice next year will not be as bad knowing you ended with a win against your longtime rival.

And while there are no huge implications awaiting the outcome of this game — it’s still Ferriday versus Vidalia.

And while you won’t have people lined all the way around the field and dozens perched above the fence by the Concordia Parish library, it’s still Vidalia versus Ferriday.

For the record, the last time Vidalia went into the game with a better record was 2004 when the Vikings were 5-3 and Ferriday was 2-6.

Obviously, Ferriday has been the favorite many more times than not since then.

Vidalia did win that game 14-6 back in 2004.

The last time Ferriday did not make the playoffs was 2012, when the Trojans went 2-8. Vidalia was 1-9 that year. 

Both teams were 0-2 when they met in Ferriday that year with Ferriday winning 20-14.

Trying to figure out who is going to win Friday’s game is as hopeless as fighting for a new turf for both schools.

Both teams have shot themselves in the foot more than Barney Fife practicing his gun draw.

Mistakes will once again play a huge outcome Friday night.

I have a feeling no one will want to leave this game early — even with temperatures nearing 39 degrees.

It could easily come down to a last possession.

There will be no 70-0 score this year.

And the fact this may be the last game of the year for both squads makes it even more competitive.

Throw the records out (please) and pay attention to who might be the better team on paper.

This one will come down to who wants it more, and who makes the plays at crunch time.

My good friend and former Ferriday coach Cleothis Cummings came up with a great idea for future events.

Let’s come up with a trophy listing the winner each year.

The trophy will go to the winning team to display at their school until the next year’s contest.

I’m sure some folks can come up with some great names for the trophy.

The trophy would not have to be as gaudy as The Boot between LSU and Arkansas.or as lame as the Magnolia Bowl for LSU and Ole Miss.

Trojans and Vikings certainly have enough history of their own.

Sounds like a good future column. Meanwhile, pass along your thoughts on our Facebook page, or even my page.

I will certainly keep a list and pass along all ideas. 

And then we can vote on it sometime in June when we’re all anxious for football again.

I mean, it’s not like we’re asking for new turf here.

And it’s Ferriday vs. Vidalia. 

And it still means something.


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