There’s a better chance the good fine folks in this great state of Louisiana lose their appetite before they ever felt empathy for Alabama fans.

More likely to turn down a crawfish boil than empathize with a fan of the Crimson Tide, I can understand this next sentence might alarm you. But hear me out — I feel bad for Alabama.

Not because they’re perfect season will end with a blemish against Ohio State. (I fully expect Nick Saban to win his seventh national championship in a few days.) 

I feel bad because fans truly believe this is an all-time team, but the Crimson Tide will never get that credit. They can’t. This was a makeshift year with opt-outs, game cancellations, players missing games due to contact tracing and late starts for entire conferences. 

It was the ultimate gumbo season. Throw everything in a pot and call it a college football season when you’re done cooking it.

And I’m not dunking on Alabama fans, because hey, maybe this is an all-time team. The statistics are certainly impressive with 47.2 points scored per game. Heck, the Tide have beaten opponents by nearly 30 points all season long. And has Mac Jones even been touched by a defender yet? That guy has stayed cleaner in the pocket more than any other quarterback I can remember.

Speaking of Jones, God bless him, his numbers actually compare to the great Joe Burrow. 

The difference, though, is Jones is doing it with little to no pressure at all while receivers run free against defensive backs. He isn’t making the difficult throws that Burrow made, and here’s some advanced statistics that reveal that.

Burrow completed 63.6% of his passes in tight-window throws in 2019, while Jones has completed just 50% of those same throws, according to Pro Football Focus. Burrow also had 25 touchdowns and five interceptions with a 116.7 passer rating on such throws, while Jones has just six touchdowns with three interceptions and an 85.2 rating.

Bama fans don’t care, though. This offense looks unstoppable (47.2 PPG), just like LSU’s offense looked unstoppable a season ago (48.4 PPG). 

But there are no “greatest of all time” talks in 2020. And you can tell it’s bothering them. You even see sports anchors taking shots at LSU.

Birmingham’s Simone Eli tweeted this out Saturday, “I literally had to think for a minute who won the national championship last year… That’s how irrelevant LSU’s one hit wonder is.”

I get fans will take shots, but I have to admit, I found that one interesting from a journalist. I have to give a shout-out to my buddy Cody Worsham, who had this response, “LSU’s 2019 team broke a lot of records, but perhaps their finest accomplishment was winning a fourth national title for the program, the most titles ever by a one hit wonder.” That was perhaps the nicest clap-back I’ve ever seen.

And look, I’m not trying to be sly here. I truly do feel bad. I’m not sure how I would reason watching my team go up and down the field like LSU did just one year ago and not receive the same amount of credit.

That has to be infuriating.

But the fact is we will never know how good this Alabama team is due to opt outs that inarguably weakened most SEC teams.

So if you want to compare this Alabama team to other great teams the Crimson Tide have had, by all means, do it. I’m afraid the comparisons stop there, though, when we’re talking about all-time legacy.   

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