So do you need to know even more how strange 2020 has been?

I didn’t think so but I’m going to tell you anyway.

LSU, one week after being throttled by Alabama in Tiger Stadium, goes into the Swamp and beats Florida, a 23-point favorite with what’s left of its self-imploded football team

And they needed a Florida player to throw a shoe to assist in the win.

The winning kick by Cade York had to travel through fog (what else would you expect) to go well over the 57 yards needed.

So are you waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Sorry Marco Wilson — who will be forever known as the shoe thrower.

OK, I’m not sorry at all. Not after watching the number of times Wilson flexed after making a tackle. Just play the football game, young men. And that goes for you too, Elias Ricks. You were fortunate you were not flagged for backing into the end zone after jumping a Kyle Trask pass for a pick six.

Visons of former LSU punter Brad Wing stretching his arms out toward Florida players during a fake punt play on his way to a 52-yard touchdown. Wing was flagged for taunting, and the touchdown was nullified.

You could have a two-hour documentary on the crazy stuff that has happened in LSU-Florida games.

And I think Saturday’s contest would probably top the list. Sorry Tim Tebow’s cell phone, you’ve been replaced by Cole Taylor’s shoe.

Taylor, a freshman from Grand Junction, Co., will always be remembered by his shoe — a Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 in size 14.

Talk about walking right into a promotion. Or out of.

And now we take a look at the prep scene.

There are two District 2-2A teams competing in the Class 2A semifinals.

And one of those is not Ferriday.

Friday night, General Trass advanced to the semifinals with a win over St. Helena.

Yep, the long-time hapless team from Lake Providence is one game away from playing for a state championship

The same state championship Ferriday won a year ago.

The Class 2A semifinals has No. 1 Many hosting No. 12 General Trass.

Many advanced in its first two playoff games by not playing anybody as Varnado and South Plaquemines both had to forfeit because of COVID-19.

Many then scored late to beat No. 9 Amite 34-30.

Many has been on a mission after being embarrassed by Ferriday 56-17 in the state finals last year.

The other semifinal matchup as No. 2 Mangham hosting No. 6 Kinder, which upset No. 3 Loreauville 21-14 Friday.

Two years after not making the playoffs, the Mangham High Dragons are one game away from playing for a Class 2A state championship.

I cannot imagine what it must have been like in Mangham in 2018 when the Dragons went 3-7 overall and 1-5 in district.

Last year in Scott Wilcher’s first season, Mangham — ranked No. 4 after going 8-2 in the regular season — fell to No. 20 Loreauville 37-34 in the second round.

I say I can’t imagine because Dragon football is everything to most people in Mangham.

Mangham in 2018 may be similar to LSU in 2020.

I can actually remember driving through Mangham five and six years ago around this time and the excitement of the football oozing out all over the place.

In 2015, Mangham advanced to the Class 2A finals as the No. 8 seed, falling to Kinder 35-20.

In 2014, the Dragons were the No. 1 seed, falling to No. 2 Haynesville 16-0 in the Class 1A finals.

There was more heartache in 2013, as No. 1 Haynesville defeated No. 2 Mangham 42-21 in the finals of Class 1A.

That’s three straight years in the finals in two different classes.

In 2002, Mangham lost to Port Sulphur in the second round, and then came five straight first round eliminations that included a 72-6 loss to South Plaquemines in Class 1A in 2007 and a 64-0 loss to John Curtis in 2A in 2009.

So here we are.Even in this crazy COVID-19 year, Mangham nation is excited about its Dragons once again.

I watched Mangham upset defending state champion Ferriday last month and know this Dragon team is no fluke.

Mangham, even with a couple of slow out of the gate performances to start the playoffs, is a very disciplined football team that will take advantage of any mistake by the opponent.

Wilcher and his very dedicated, hard-working and very knowledgeable coaching staff have the Dragons in the state semifinals.

And if you are wondering how excited Dragon fans are, just take a drive through town and make a stop somewhere for gas, food or a break. Just bring your mask.

It’s a different time in the state of Louisiana.

But it’s the same rich tradition in Mangham. Dragon fans are all on board. And rightfully so. This Mangham team has given them a lot to cheer about. And the ride is not over. And 2020 has been quite a ride.





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