There were a few rumblings around the state of people questioning Delta Charter getting a No. 8 seed and the last bye of the first round of the Class A playoffs.

Put those rumblings to rest people.

Delta Charter deserved the No. 8 seed.

And, if you go by the power rankings, which everyone does, they deserved the bye, although it’s debatable whether that’s good bad — depending on the health of your football team.

The No. 8 Storm lost to No. 9 Basile 26-14 Friday night.

Basile has a very good football team. And their coach, Benjamin Brandt, told me before the game that he was glad they played in the first round.

Basile defeated a very weak Magnolia School of Excellence team 52-12 in the first round.

If the roles would have been reversed, there’s no doubt in my mind that Delta Charter could have handled Magnolia at home easily, but would have had to travel to Basile if they would have been eight and the Storm nine.

This actually paid off for Basile, which now gets to host No. 1 Logansport Friday because Logansport was home last week.

Delta Charter would have had to travel to Logansport.

The start of Friday’s game looked as if it would be an hour-long game with the winner being the last one holding possession.

Basile went 73 yards on nine plays, all on the gourd, on its first possession and took a 7-0 lead with 6:52 remaining in the first quarter.

Delta Charter, behind the running of Juvari Singleton and Payten Roberts, went 75 yards in 10 plays to take an 8-7 leads with 20 seconds remaining in the first quarter.

I looked down at my watch and it wasn’t even 7:30 p.m. yet.

And then Basile marched it right back down the field, keeping it on the ground, going 54 yards in 10 plays to take a 13-8 lead with 6:48 remaining in the first half.

Delta Charter moved down the 18-yard line, but turned it over on downs with 2:55 remaining. A halfback pass had to be hurried, which kept it from reaching a wide open Storm in the end zone.

Delta Charter made some uncharacteristic mistakes in the second half, losing its composure a couple of times which resulted in costly penalties. That’s something the Storm did not do during the season, but players get caught up in emotions with the season on the line.

Getting back to the rankings, Delta Charter opened its season with a 28-14 win at D’Arbonne Woods.

That didn’t seem significant at the time, but D’Arbonne Woods became the surprise team of Class 2A, even defeating Jonesboro-Hodge, which eliminated Mangham in the playoffs Friday.

The Storm finished the regular season 6-4, including 4-4 in District 2-1A, one of the toughest districts in the state with Oak Grove, Ouachita Christian, Cedar Creek and St. Frederick.

So if you’re going by strength of schedule, which is a big part of the rankings, Delta Charter collected some major points there.

But there’s no doubt the win over D’Arbonne Woods was a big part of being the No. 8 seed.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

But looking back, it would have been better for Delta Charter to have hosted Magnolia School of Excellence and continue the routine of playing each Friday.

There would have been the satisfaction of winning a playoff game (sorry Magnolia School), and keep with a normal routine.

Delta Charter lost its composure three times Friday night, which was very uncharacteristic and cost them some valuable yardage.

I will not be surprised to see Basile give Logansport a game.

The Bearcats played in a tough district and were competitive.

Delta Charter played a lot of sophomores and freshmen this season, and that bodes well for the future.

Sophomore quarterback Juvari Singleton got the attention of Brandt before the game, and he said after the contest that Singleton lived up to that attention.

And I can’t say enough about sophomore Davis Cooper.

If you saw this guy walking down the hall you would not be thinking big-time football player.

But Cooper laid some hits Friday night that could have been heard down the way at Melz Field at Ferriday High.

But I have to pay tribute to the Delta Charter senior class, a class with a lot of heart and fight.

Payten Roberts, Jared Barron, Curtis Bullits and Chase McGraw set great examples of playing hard every single down, and not backing down from anyone.

Delta Charter’s season ended Friday night. But the Storm belonged among the top teams in Class A.

Discussion closed.

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