Dear Santa Claus,

I know it’s not Christmas in July yet but I still want to put in some advance requests. Especially since the Easter Bunny has apparently left me hanging in my request for LSU in the College World Series.

Then again, maybe he’s trying to pull a rabbit out of his hat there. 

He did grant my one wish for Tennessee not to make it, however.

But how in the world was Tennessee’s Jordan Beck not reprimanded, or even suspended after flipping off the Georgia Tech outfield while turning at first base?

Is this poor behavior acceptable now?

Anyway, looking ahead to the college football season I have two direct requests.

Actually make that one. Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher are playing each other on what will surely be the grand stage.

I was thinking maybe by October these two guys will have a good laugh about their spat back in May. But this one doesn’t look like it’s going away.

I mean, c’mon, when Jimbo Fisher can upstage Deion Sanders at the pulpit — that’s some serious stuff. Narcissist, walking on water,   Oh my!

Saban no longer seems to avoid controversy, and is OK with speaking what’s on his mind.

Which is probably good considering the man surely knows of what he speaks.

And it’s going to make SEC Media Days more compelling, which it surely needs with the lack of a Steve Spurrier, Les Miles or Ed Orgeron.

Even Mike Leach was a bit of a letdown last year.

Brian Kelly kicks things off at SEC Media Days on July 18 in Atlanta.

Kiffin follows Kelly.

Kiffin took Saban’s side against Fisher, so it will be interesting to see if the Ole Miss coach will jump right back into the spat.

Although I have a visual of SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey hovering over a mute button during Media Days.

Saban is slated as the first speaker the next day, followed by Leach.

Fisher is the final speaker on July 21. You can bet he’ll be taking notes up to that point.

So I’ll skip to my second request.

Oklahoma facing Southern Cal in the College Football Playoff title game.

Sorry, Brian Kelly. I’ve got to give you a year or two. I have already been banned from future Cadbury eggs by asking too much from Mr. Cottontail.

I certainly don’t want to get on the bad side of Kris Kringle.

How intriguing would Oklahoma versus Southern Cal be for the national championship?

Former Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley is now at Southern Cal, while Oklahoma coach Brent Venables took the job after a great run as Dabo Swinney’s assistant coach at Clemson.

Venables began coaching at Oklahoma in 1999, where he served as associate head coach, defensive coordinator and linebackers coach for the Sooners under Bob Stoops, with whom he previously worked at Kansas State.

Almost every LSU fan thought Riley would be “Calling Baton Rouge.” But then a huge curve ball (which LSU baseball players struggled with) was thrown when Riley accepted the job at USC.

Somewhere Ed Orgeron had to be yucking it up.

Riley has assembled a good corps of players at USC through the transfer portal.

So come on, Santa. You like some added drama. I mean you picked Rudolph to guide your sleigh.

What could be better?

Well, since you asked, how about Alabama and Texas A&M meeting for the second time in the other semifinal.

You make that happen and you’ll have some extra milk and cookies under the tree.

Sorry, I’m out of Cadbury eggs.

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