Even with all the uncertainty, Ferriday High head football coach Stanley Smith has no trouble keeping his players motivated.

“I tell them to stay prepared for whatever happens,” Smith said. “And they don’t want to be the first team since I’ve been here (2017) to have a losing record. We have 20 seniors, so they want to continue on the success we’ve had.”

Smith said he had his team in pads Monday.

“We’re continuing drills and getting everybody acclimated to the pads,” he said.

Smith is also having to deal with Hurricane Laura.

“We’ll make our plans according to what the superintendent wants us to do,” Smith said. “If they shut down classes on Thursday, we won’t have practice. Every day just seems to be filled with so much uncertainty. It’s tough not knowing day to day, but we’re doing our best to keep our players engaged.”

Vidalia head football coach Michael Norris said he is anxious to hear if the state is going to phase 3.

“I’m hoping we give our seniors a chance to have fun and represent their community,” Norris said. “This delay actually gives us August over again.”

Norris had his players in pads Monday.

“There’s a lot of frustration out there and they are ready to hit somebody,” Norris said. “We’ve got out offense and defense in and we’re fine tuning. We’ve been up front and honest with them from the beginning. They’re watching ACCS play ball, they see teams playing all over the place. We’re taking it day by day and making sure they stay in shape.”



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