Best lines of the week last week.

Sicily Island head football coach Donald Money has an interesting first two weeks of the football after the schedules were re-aligned because of Covid-19.

Each Louisiana High School Athletic Association school had to scrap its first two games as the season starts October 2 with the third game of the original schedule.

Money's Sicily Island team starts off the first two weeks against two defending state champions.

The Class A Tigers begin the season at Ferriday, which won the Class 2A state championship last year.

Then the Tigers begin District 2-1A play the following week in Monroe against defending state champion Ouachita Christian.

Ferriday dominated Many 56-17 for the Class 2A state title.

The Eagles dismantled Catholic-Pointe Coupee 67-22 for the Division IV championship.

Sicily Island was unable to compete in playoffs last year because of several injuries during the season.

Good reason for concern for Money, who put it aptly when he said he felt like a pregnant pole vaulter.

After having to have no contact throughout the majority of the summer, the LHSAA gave schools one day in preparation to have contact.

Can you imagine the frustration building up there?

Ferriday coach Stanley Smith could certainly visualize it.

"We're going to tone it down some on the first day because we don't want to have to cancel practice the second day because everyone is too sore," Smith said.

While the schedule may be a bit different, everyone is just happy to be able to play.

But there are some notable setbacks for some teams.

Vidalia High will only have three home games this season.

The Vikings lost home games with Sicily Island and Block at the start of the season.

Fortunately, one of those home games this year is with Ferriday, which should pull in enough people to hopefully help Vidalia High break even during the season.

Ferriday and Delta Charter have four home games each.

The Trojans should have at least two playoff games at home.

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association on September 9 approved a Louisiana House Education Committee proposal to start football in October regardless of whatever the pandemic response phase is for Louisiana based on executive orders from Governor John Bel Edwards.

The LHSAA had been following the mandates of Governor Edwards with regard to which phase the state was in and what was allowed for football programs across the state, based on the current phase.

Louisiana remained in Phase 2 last week, which allowed only gatherings of 25 persons at one specific time for high school football teams and for all sports. The result of this restriction is that no high school football team in Louisiana has been able to gather as a whole as part of any practice or meeting.

The LHSAA later that day moved the start date to October 2. Edwards then moved Louisiana into Phase 3 on Thursday. But he is still only allowing 25 percent fans into the stadium.

I remember when all I had to concern myself with was first downs, rushing yards and penalties.

Of course all this is predicated on no shutdowns or outbreaks the next several weeks.

Power points were already a nightmare for some coaches. Count on that being even more so this season.

The most interesting battle may not be on the field.

If seating is limited how are you seriously going to turn people away from Melz Field for Ferriday games.

Maybe set up some temperary bleachers in the end zone for the band, which would free up a lot of room.

The year 2020 just keeps taking and taking.

Which is another reason I am approaching the start of the 2020 with cautious optimism.

Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes another month with another kind of problem.

If we can make it to Christmas weekend with state championship games still being played then that will be my Christmas miracle. Unless the New Orleans mayor plays Scrooge.

It used to be if a team is still playing at Thanksgiving it's been a great season.

In 2020 if you are still playing at Christmas, it's been an even greater season.

But we'll have to take it week by week.




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