I've decided to start preparing for the worst ice storm in 20 years.

Don’t worry. Or worry. It’s coming.

It's 2020 after all.

I was riding down the road the other day and Pat Benatar's Hit Me With Your Best Shot came on the radio.

I changed the channel quickly and yelled "No, no, she doesn't mean that."

How bizarre has this year been?

Taking a guess on the LHSAA beginning its football season on October 15, Cathedral and Adams County Christian School will have one regular season game remaining.

It’s like I want to yell across the river, “Hey guys, what gives? How are y’all doing this. Oh right, you have to look at game film. Must be nice.”

Please do not adjust your set. Throwing a brick through the screen may be more appropriate at this time.

What did you do for your summer vacation?

Well, it's not like I was able to go somewhere and actually enjoy it.

More like worried, pouted, fumed and rode the merry-go-round named Frustration.

OK, I could not ride the merry-go-around.

The fair was cancelled and the mall was closed.

Who knew skip day would be 100 days this school year.

I was just grateful we had someone like Whest Shirley in charge because I knew  had the best interests of the teachers and students at heart. And he put his heart and soul into the job.

Wait! What? They didn’t extend his contract?? 

I actually thought things had a semblance of back to normal like last week.

Most Friday nights were spent walking through mud on parish sidelines.

Well, lookee here. A hurricane the week of Delta Charter hosting a jamboree on Friday night and Vidalia hosting a jamboree on Saturday night would have been the latest norm.

What I would have given to slosh through some mud last weekend.

I remember local players sliding through mud after a couple of games last year.

Now they would have to line up at least six feet apart before entering the homemade slip and slide.

It's like a children's party.

Needless to say little or no football just isn't fair for the students, especially the seniors.

But don't overlook the coaches who have invested so much while attempting to adapt to guidelines never seen before.

Ferriday's Stanley Smith has 20 seniors returning from a team that won the Class 2A state championship.

Vidalia's Mike Norris has been preparing for his first year as a high school head football coach.

Blake Wheeler has had to stop practice twice for players in contact with someone with Covid-19, and then had his quarterback begin quarantine last week because his mother tested positive.

And all three of these guys have remained  positive through the whole crazy process. 

And are continuing to be positive.

Meanwhile I’m over here thinking, “Oh the insanity of it all.”

Grabbing a mask has become as common to me as grabbing my phone when I enter a store.

I’ve used more hand sanitizer this summer than I used the past five years.

Are Cheech and Chong directing this year?

Never mind "Hit Me With Your Best Shot."

How about "The Show Must Go On," by Three Dog Night?

After all, there is a little circus music in there. 

And apparently the clowns have taken over when it comes to the kids.

I'm ready for this big top to come down.


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