No sports certainly creates challenges for a sports section.

No complaints here. Just stating facts. Our current predicament, however, has forced us to get a little more creative with our content.

Starting this week we’ll begin highlighting seniors who had their final high school season stripped away. (A growing list of 16 Power 5 schools have either announced they’ll have exclusive online classes or that the university will be closed thru part of the summer. 

That doesn’t bode well for us getting back onto the field. 

Even though nothing is ruled out at this point for high school athletics,

 I’m not exactly beaming with confidence that play will resume, especially when you hear the chatter of college athletic directors exploring options to push back the college football season.

Thus, it looks like we will have so many talented, hard-working seniors that will unfortunately miss out on their final season. They deserve to have their stories told, and we’re more than happy to tell them. 

Though we may rely on the past in the foreseeable future, we’ll still try to provide you the sports content you’ve grown accustomed to reading with plenty of creative ideas coming down the line, including a couple of series that will fire up long-time readers.

As for me and my column, I’ve decided since I was going into my fifth year here at the paper, I’d start a new column series that will take place over the next few months about the previous five years. 

Starting next week, I’ll count down the Top 10 greatest high school football games I’ve ever covered in this area.

That calls for a lot of brainstorming over the next week, and your help would be much appreciated. 

What do you think were the greatest games to be played in Ouachita Parish (any sport) over the last five years? 

Feel free to send your nominations to me at Let’s have some fun in the next few weeks reminiscing. 








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