Call me a glutton for punishment.

Glutton may be a fitting word right now until this pandemic ends.

Only pandemonium I want has to be the kind I saw at the end of the Ferriday-Many and LSU-Clemson football games right now.

Eight years ago I decided to count down the top 30 games ever in Concordia Parish.

I figured a little updating was in order.

Ok, OK, I’m running out of things to write about.

Besides, we’ve had some great ballgames over the past eight years.

How will they figure in the new countdown?

Well, there are 10 new games going in, so there is a bit of re-arranging.

Each game will be updated, even those games you have already read about.

Will there be a new No. 1?

Well, I can tell you the top five will look a little different.

Of course, Ferriday versus Vidalia once again leads the list.

I’ve added one to make it six, but it could easily be 20.

There were a couple of lean years after 2012, but Dee Faircloth returning to Vidalia and Stanley Smith arriving at his alma mater sparked a few more memorable games.

And Delta Charter became a force in only a couple of years of existence.

And if you go by the old adage that the games are bigger the more the years go on it could even brighten up the story more.a

This list is very interchangeable and I could easily go back next year and swap out a few games and not give it a second thought.

And, yes, there are games not on this list that certainly deserve to be on there.

As a matter of fact, it hit me last week that I left out an historical game from the original top 30 list that I will add as a bonus after counting down the top 40. 

Believe me, it will be included in the top 50 for the next virus.

Ok, forget I even said that.

It has been a lot of fun looking back at so many memorable games involving parish teams.

That’s also what makes the possibility of not having games this Fall even more disheartening.

Of course, the Ferriday Trojans won their first-ever state championship last year.

The Ferriday Bulldogs are obviously well represented with their amazing 54 straight games without a loss and four straight state championships back in the 1950s.

The funny part about it is that stories of the same game and same play seemed to differ from those who played in them.

Not judging here — I have trouble remembering exact details from games three or four years ago.

The fun part is the looking back and getting a fresh perspective from some of the people involved.

And, I always find that the people involved seemed to appreciate how big a play or decision was more after the fact.

Usually it’s coachspeak such as what a great win but put we put that behind us and are getting ready for the next game.

Right now I’m not so sure when that next game is going to be.

So will the 1981 Ferriday-John Curtis football game remain on top? 

Where does the Ferriday-Many game rate?

Huntington School certainly cannot be forgotten.

And newcomer Delta Charter has certainly had some exciting games and a couple of wild finishes in its short time on the scene.

So enjoy the countdown — again. I mean, what else is there to do? Watch lawn mower races?




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