OK, let’s make this short and sweet.

Santa, just drop off a harmless, painless and forever effective vaccine for this COVID-19.

Nothing else is needed. 

Even the Grinch will be happy.

OK, by now you know nothing from me is short and sweet.

So since you did so well last year — well until you know what.

So how strange has this year actually been?

General Trass was in a playoff game a week after Ferriday ended its run.

And thanks for coming through with LSU winning a national championship.

But I didn’t realize at what expense. Don’t worry Santa, LSU football is not on the list this year. As a matter of fact, you can pick up Bo Pelini and take him back with you as my present. Just don’t let him defend the North Pole against the green creature mentioned above.

Oh yeah, I liked about LSU not being on the list. Just pile the lumps of coal in the corner by the other lumps.

We give you Pelini and you send us another Joe Burrow.

And give LSU fans a 2020 that is made up of only January.

How about a full reprieve for Will Wade. And a UFC not pay-for -view against Dick Vitale.

Ferriday head football coach Stanley Smith a pair of defensive bookends like Khylyn Lewis and Blake Tarver.

Ferriday has had great defenses in the past, but Lewis and Tarver were as good a combination at defensive end that I have seen.

And a less drama year for Smith, who had to deal with so many off the field issues he must have felt like Coach Carter of Richmond, Ca., fame.

How crazy was 2020 for Smith? It took two days to beat Madison High.

Delta Charter head coach Blake Wheeler — a complete year on the Storm sideline.

A couple of years ago, Wheeler was kicked out of a game for rightfully defenders his players who were taking cheap shot after cheap shot.

This past year, Wheeler had to miss two games because his daughter tested positive.

Vidalia head coach Mike Norris.

OK, this is a no-brainer.

You would have a hard time finding a coach ending his season early in one sport because of the coronavirus, and then having his season start later in another sport.

Norris had his fourth season as head baseball coach at Vidalia cut short in March, just before real baseball weather.

Norris was in his final year as baseball coach after accepting the Vidalia High head football coaching position.

The virus then forced Norris to cancel his first two games after the LHSAA cut two games.

This may be going back a ways, but I have a vision of John McEnroe holding his hands out and yelling a the chair umpire, “You cannot be serious.”

And, oh yeah, Norris begins his head coaching stint against the defending 2019 champion Ferriday and Class 2A semifinalists General Trass and Mangham High on the road in district.

Vidalia High head boys basketball coach Damus Smith was preparing for his first year as boys head coach.

Longtime Ferriday girls coach Lisa Abron was doing the same, optimistic about a season with a lot of promise.

Games in January may be a bit much to ask at this stage Santa, but maybe a little elf magic before the vaccines are administered completely.

And finally, a chance for our high school student-athletes to play a full season in every sport.

No other gift could make me happier.



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