In a normal year (tell me again what that's like), we would be getting ready for jamborees this weekend.

Talk about licking my chops.

Delta Charter was going to host Beekman Charter in a jamboree at Ferriday on Friday night.

Ferriday High, after missing out on playing a scrimmage or in a jamboree last year on its way to a state championship, was set to play Menard and Bolton in a jamboree in Alexandria this Friday.

Vidalia would be giving a preview of what it would look like under new head coach Mike Norris and new offensive coordinator Josh Loy in its long-running jamboree that would have included Block, Sicily Island, Tensas, Madison and LaSalle. And, even more important, that would have paid quite a few bills and bought needed equipment.

That was then. This is now.

I knew this was going to be a strange year when on Vidalia's picture day there was not a Faircloth in a photo for the first time since 1967.

Dee Faircloth was in the photo beginning in 1968.

Faircloth took over as head coach in 1969 and remained head coach until 2009 when he was forced to retire because of prostate cancer.

Faircloth came back to to assist Jeff Hancock before taking over again as head coach in 2016 when Hancock accepted an assistant coaching job at McMurry College in Texas.

Faircloth was forced to retire again before the 2019 season because of a ridiculous rule put in temporarily by the LHSAA saying coaches had to work at the school.

Rob Faircloth, who joined Vidalia as an assistant coach in 2015, took over for his uncle last year.

Faircloth decided not to serve as head coach this season. He eventually accepted a coaching position with Jena this year.

Thus the lack of a Faircloth.

And the lack of a jamboree.

So what else is on the chopping block?

By the time you read this column, we will have a better idea of where we are and where we are heading.

But things can change so quickly.

Just ask the seniors who lost most of their spring sport seasons.

It’s just so frustrating.

You have ACCS and Cathedral already having played ball games, the Recreation District No. 2 Complex hosting tournaments right and left, colleges postponing, cancelling or playing.

You have people staying home, social distancing and wearing masks, and you have people with carefree attitudes as if they were at Woodstock.

And you have people still confused.

Some are saying not as many people are dying.

That’s good -- but that’s not the entire issue here.

A recent study  showed abnormal heart findings in more than 75 percent of people studied who had recently recovered from COVID-19. A considerable majority of patients in the study were found to have had inflammation in the heart and muscle lining.

This can be troubling as inflammation in the heart can lead to long-lasting cardiac disease and failure.

There’s the possibility that a COVID-19 infection could mean development of a serious heart condition.

So that’s why it’s a slippery slope and why a lot of folks are walking a tightrope.

I want to see football at every level.

And I want to see it soon.

I think if some of these tightrope walkers saw more people ahering to the guidelines they would go full steam ahead.

I know one thing. I won't complain about the heat or bugs at this time next year -- or I hope next year.

High school sports will no longer be taken for granted in this office.




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