Long Time Coming

Josh Loy is the offensive coordinator at Vidalia High.

Vidalia High has always been a dream job for Josh Loy.

That dream became a reality Monday when Loy was named offensive coordinator for the Vikings, much to the delight of first-year Viking head football coach Michael Norris.

“I slept a lot better after Josh was hired,” Norris said. “Otherwise I would have been putting in the offense and the defense on the first day.”

Loy has applied for the Vidaila head coaching job twice, and has always yearned to be on the staff.

“Josh is doing a great job with the kids and they have really adapted to what he is implementing,” Norris said.

Loy has been a head coach at Trinity Episcopal, Delta Charter and Block. He has served as an assistant coach at Cathedral, Natchez High, Adams Christian and Denham Springs.

“Vidalia has always been a place that I thought would be a great fit for me,” Loy said. “It’s a sleeping giant with a lot of potential. I’ve applied for spots before but it just didn’t work out. But I have always been interested in Vidalia High.”

Loy was actually set to join the Viking staff in June after Vidalia High principal Bernie Cooley talked with him, but the Concordia Parish School Board did not approve that because he is not an adapted physical education certified, which is a spot left open with the retirement of boys basketball coach Robert Sanders.

Loy, who is certified otherwise, was actually very close to interviewing for an assistant coaching position at West Feliciana High, having already interviewed with the head football coach.

“I am very fortunate to be here,” said Loy, whose wife Carol is an attorney and they have three girls - Emily (11), Abby (8a) and Stella (3). “And I’m excited to be able to be with my family more. It just seemed like so much wasted time when I was on the road.”

Loy and Norris have formed a close relationship over the past two years.

“We’ve played a lot of golf together and he is a good friend,” Loy said. “We have similar philosophies. My verbiage may be a bit different.”

Loy’s first day was August 3. Football being pushed back to October actually works in his favor.

“I hate we are losing games, you never want that, but this does give me more time to work with the players,” Loy said. “At this point we are all adapting and attempting to overcome. We are taking it day by day because nothing is set in concrete. But I believe everyone expected it to be pushed back.”

Loy will be teaching adapted physical education in the parish during the morning and beginner’s math in the afternoon.

“I’m just finally excited to reach the finish line at Vidalia High,” Loy said. “I plan on being here a while, and maybe ultimately get the chance to be a head coach somewhere again if the opportunity presents itself.”

Because of the virus, Vidalia is now scheduled to open its season on October 8 at West Ouachita or against district foe Rayville.


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